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Dell Active Stylus (750 AAHC): Latest generation video

With the Dell Active Stylus (750 AAHC) the US company has introduced a completely new pen on the market, which should finally fix the problems of the last generation. Since it continues to 11 Pro 7000 series with the new Dell Venue to a digitizer from Synaptics, you had to make it work the pen is basically finite. From the first generation of Dell Active Stylus there were several revisions. The all-new pin can be seen directly on the new design and a different package. In a video how the new Dell Active Stylus (750 AAHC) is demonstrated. Dell seems to have really managed to make the Stylus works the way it should have worked already in the first generation. They would then have really saves a lot of trouble and good Windows 8.1 had tablets on the market. Owner of the first Venue 8 Pro and 11 Pro tablet can buy and use the new Stylus course.

Dell Active Stylus (750 AAHC) in the video

Of the Dell Active Stylus (750 AAHC) appears to have been finally developed from scratch and not simply reworked in various revisions that have then better but not functioning properly in the end. The new Stylus comes with a completely new look and does not have to be identified on the revision. So if you buy a white box with a stylus in black and silver, you have just the latest generation that seems to work properly. Priced we will be directly from Dell € 47.08 (Link to the offer). The price consists of the pen for 33,99 € and shipping costs of 13,09 € together. As always, unfortunately, a bit exaggerated at Dell. But the traders we know MTX computer has the new Dell Active Stylus (750 AAHC) available for only € 27.83 (Link to the offer) plus 4.17 € for shipping. Since you do not really think about where you shop.

In the following video The new Dell Active Stylus (750 AAHC) with the second revision of its predecessor, the Dell Venue Pro 11 demonstrated in various programs. The new Stylus is to have none of the known issues from prior and typeface looks really much better. The tenderness should have improved.

(Link to YouTube video)

We can therefore assume that all new Synaptics pins on the latest generation based and should therefore work well. If you have personal experience with the new Dell Active Stylus (750 AAHC), you can share in the comments with us this happy.

What do you think about the new Dell Active Stylus (750 AAHC)?

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