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World of Warships: Modules and captains

Once you've beaten a few battles and your player's account a few levels went up, you can offer your ship with additional modules to upgrade and assign captains. The number and type of modules depends on the type of vessel and the step. A ship at level ten is so much better than a small upgradeable Kahn at level one. Modules are very expensive, so only builds one, if you will use a ship longer and lie ideally to something real money currency to expand the parts later and install in new ships. The incorporation of the modules is completely free, the removal and storing (for reuse in other ships), however, will cost real money &# 8211; However, only a few cents.

worldofwarships 2015-07-15 16-41-04-822World of Warships Beginners Guide: Experience haunted after the battle also be credited to the captain.

Captains in turn you get with the game currency fresh from the Fleet Academy. Alternatively, you can also experienced officers with multiple skills to hire, but again cost real money. Captains get per combat experience and so to rise through the ranks. Every transport is the officer new skill points, which you can in turn invest in useful properties. If you have assigned a ship captain, he feels there very well and can only bring on this ship its properties fully used. The assigned Käpt&# 8217; s then improve your ship, by granting about his skill bonuses. For example, faster rotating cannons, more anti-aircraft range or a higher resistance to critical hits.

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Warship captain retraining training course course

If you assume a captain of a vessel to another, his skills work only with restrictions or not at all. Only when you undertake a program instruction period, the captain can use the new ship optimal. The duration of the training depends on how the skipper know previously was. Only after the briefing he can regularly earn experience points again. Note: You can not collect endless points, so consider well in advance where the skills you want, because the resetting of skills is only for real money!

worldofwarships 2015-07-28 16-12-09-872World of Warships Beginners Guide: Lieutenant Reed has taken over command of the USS Wickes recently and has yet to get used to the new destroyer. Therefore, he must earn only 1,050 experience points until he can fully utilize his skills.

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