Samsung Galaxy Book 12 in the test: The Surface Pro alternative?

The Samsung Galaxy Book 12 is the latest Windows-10-tablet of the South Korean manufacturer, which strikes primarily as an alternative to the Surface Pro (2017) from Microsoft. But Samsung is the market leader and pioneer of the 2-in-1 form factor are really dangerous? That's what we tell you of the Galaxy Book 12 in the comprehensive review with LTE, stylus and keyboard cover.

Samsung Galaxy Book 12 in the test: The Surface Pro alternative?

Samsung Galaxy offers Book in two sizes. Once as Galaxy Book 10.6, which is to be measured in the first place with the iPad Pro 10.5, and once as Galaxy Book 12, which extends in the direction iPad Pro 12.9 and Surface Pro (2017) oriented. The operating system is Windows 10 are used. So there are no restrictions on the programs that you can run. Price the Galaxy Book is 12 positioned in the premium sector

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This is to gain a foothold in other respects already at the second attempt by Samsung, the Windows sector with tablets. Whether the new generation repeats the mistakes of the first model, we tell you the test of the Samsung Galaxy Book 12th

Samsung Galaxy Book 12 in the test: Table of Contents

  • Page 1: Design and equipment
  • Page 2: Keyboard, display and S Pen
  • Page 3:¬†Performance, SSD and battery life
  • Page 4:¬†Software and Test Result

Samsung Galaxy Book 12 in the test: The design

6162Samsung Galaxy Books in MWC Hands-On

Visually, the Samsung Galaxy Book 12 occurs quite spectacular and is similar at first glance much the tablets with Android operating system - at least at the front. There, the 12-inch Super AMOLED display is housed, which is surrounded by a very broad framework. Which is necessary so that the supplied keyboard keys reach a good size. Samsung namely uses an aspect ratio of the screen of 3: 2 - just like Microsoft with the Surface tablets. Significantly more content is displayed at a glance, but the tablet is growing slightly in height.

Above the display is a front camera with a resolution of 5 MP is installed. In addition, an LED that displays different colors when the camera is turned on or the tablet is charging is.

Samsung Galaxy Book 12 with LTE

Samsung Galaxy-book 12 Test 01The Samsung Galaxy Book 12 is supplied with the keyboard and stylus

The back of the Galaxy Book 12 also acts unspectacular and more classic. Samsung uses matt aluminum, which makes a very high-quality impression. The 13 MP camera is centered and is something out of the housing.

Samsung Galaxy-book 12 Test 12The camera of the Samsung Galaxy Book 12 dissolves with 13 MP on

Furthermore, there is a stiffeners of plastics material, which is to allow optimum reception of the wireless modules. In addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and LTE is in fact on board. A feature that is not found in many Windows tablets. The sticker for the Core i5 and Windows 10 Pro are arbitrarily applied and disrupt the overall picture. This must be done in such an expensive Windows tablet? No! (And if they do, please just)

Samsung Galaxy-book 12 Test stickerThe stickers destroy the overall picture of the inclined mounting

Exciting it is because each housed already on the sides, because there has Samsung, the two speakers that can be covered basically never. This makes for a good sound. The maximum volume fits. An entire room can provide sound without problems. The speaker grilles are made inexplicably made of plastic, the color also does not fit. That's not nice resolved.

Samsung Galaxy-book 12 Test 14Metal and plastic: Color-it does not fit so right

On the left side of the Samsung Galaxy Book 12, the microSD and SIM card slot place. At first glance, we were surprised, because when you open the slot, only the space for the microSD card is revealed. You have to turn the slide - there is room for a nano-SIM card. So something different from what it is known from smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy-book 12-test SIM microSDNano-SIM slot and microSD card reader in a carriage

Samsung Galaxy Book 12 without Thunderbolt 3

On the right side there are then the two USB Type-C ports that support USB 3.1, but no Thunderbolt 3. That is quite very bitter, because that one is limited to the performance of the tablet and can not on the desk use increasingly popular external graphics cards. On the plus side, however, the positioning, since enough space between the terminals there. On the downside, no USB Type C to type O adapter is included. For the price can not expect that. Who would like to connect a USB device such as a mouse or external storage media, must in fact anyway get a. Fortunately such adapters cost only a few euros *Samsung Galaxy Book 12 in the test: The Surface Pro alternative?.

Samsung Galaxy-book 12 Test 15The USB Type-C ports have the pleasing much distance - but do not support Thunderbolt 3

The Galaxy Book 12 is charged via the USB Type-C ports. Which port to use, does not matter. The quick charger supplies the Samsung tablet quickly with new energy, so you can quickly work on the move again. Otherwise, there is the classic headphone connector. Then Samsung has not waived to happiness.

Galaxy Book 12 with active cooling

While Microsoft can do without a fan at the Surface Pro (2017) and the configuration with Intel Core i5 7th generation, which is not the case with the Galaxy Book 12th Charged to the Windows 10-tablet while playing or by calculating large amounts of data, then the fan is relatively fast, rotating at a fairly constant number of revolutions and then goes back out quickly. The tablet is then indeed hot on the back, but never hot. The fan does not work here too loud. As it rotates, but he is clearly perceived. at least not for a while - the fan noise does not fall thereby negatively to. For extensive calculations as a tablet is not intended anyway.

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