backup, restore and delete Android call log

In case you turning your Android smartphone or tablet Clearly mark regularly with ROMs or modified in other ways, it is recommended to back up important conversation logs. How can they restore or delete, learn it in our article.

backup, restore and delete Android call log

Call logs on Android devices are not for eternity. Anyone who has ever wanted to trace a particular call and could not find in the log window it also knows how important it is to secure this. But when it comes to delete sensitive calls from the log, you should know beforehand how this works. We once tried the whole and make our findings before you.

secure Android-talk protocol

There is hardly a simpler way to safeguard its meeting minutes, as with the free app Call Logs Backup & Restore, that you can you download the Google Play store it.

The app was not found in the store.
  1. The app installed on your Android device
  2. Open the app and click Backup / Backup, to secure meeting minutesandroid gesprächsprotokoll_1
  3. android gesprächsprotokoll_3You will be prompted to select a destination for your backup
    • Standard / Internal Memory Card: Stores the call log on the phone memory
    • External Memory Card: Saves the log to the SD card
    • Custom Folder: Determines its own folder for saving
      • It is advisable to save the backup on the SD card, because the internal phone memory is flattened in a wipe or factory reset and data are then difficult to recover. The SD card is, however, it unaffected. The stored log is available as an .xml file.
  4. Now forgive a name for your backup file
  5. The backup is started and are you from following how many calls were backed

Info: The secured protocols are not deleted but remain in the log history.

set up automatic backups for protocols

In the settings of Call Logs Backup & Restore takes her point Schedule Settings / scheduling, with which you can set an automatic backup. However, it is important that you have not installed on the SD card, the gesprächsprotokoll_2

  1. enabled Enable Schedule / Scheduled backups
  2. Adjusts the timing and repetition for backup
  3. Selects additionally that old backups will not be overwritten
  4. Optionally you can let you also display notifications when a backup was performed


On page 2, you learn how you restore a call log or delete can


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