Android 4.3: New API for access to system notifications

And once again, there are findings from the Android 4.3 ROM that transpired last Friday for the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the Google Edition: How to access the next Jelly Bean iteration third-party apps on a new API to the notifications from Android ,

Android 4.3: New API for access to system notifications

It is currently available in Android is no way for apps to directly access the notifications that gather in the tie-down list at the top of the screen. This means that an application that read the notifications currently displayed and forward in any way, or process, wants to use a trick needs - namely by Accessibility (Accessibility Options) enabled and notifications are read about it. This road goes about the app LEDBlinker, with which you can fine-tune the Notification LED devices or forwards the Remote Notifier notifications to a desktop computer.

The hours of that software crutch are now counted: As Android Police has discovered Google will finally introduce a new API app permissions with Android 4.3 for processing system notifications. Say, third-party apps can read notifications, reject and even press action buttons.

Although lack SDK update as yet can hook no current App in this feature, S4 corresponding Activities are already accessible on the equipped with Android 4.3 Galaxy. These show the one hand, an overview of the notifications recently viewed (at the current time alerts displayed in bold), on the other hand, an overview of the Notification listener, so apps that can access the notifications of the system.

android 4-3-notification-access

Various applications are conceivable for the Notfication API:

  • Apps that "clean up" the notifications according to certain rules, so Show and irrelevant discard, for example filtered for specific keywords relevant.
  • Easy access to the alerts with external hardware, for example via the computer or "wearables" such as smart watches and cyber glasses.
  • Alternative notification systems and launcher, for example, in the style of Halo function of Paranoid Android.

Other findings about the new features in Android 4.3 can be read in our article yesterday.

How do you find this new feature of Android 4.3? Can you imagine other applications? We would be happy to receive your comments.

Source: Android Police


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