Firefox hangs: To be continued

If you come across this article, you certainly know the problem: Firefox freezes and you do not know what is. Before you pull the uninstallation of Mozilla's browser into consideration please read carefully our aid approaches through, so you do not like view as an error Mozilla Firefox Download.

Besides the usual ways to deal with Mozilla Firefox problems (update, reinstall, or create a new profile) there are also ways that you can avoid such heavy-handed circular strokes in the long run and can sharpen your understanding of possible causes.

update Firefox version

Check on assistance > About Firefox if your browser is up to date. One click on the button that Mozilla Firefox looks for necessary updates.

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Firefox hangs: Possible Causes

Firefox freezes and the middle of the store a video, downloads, or the structure of a page. This served not to despair, there are ways to work around this problem and in future even completely eradicate.

First, it is important to find the cause behind the trailer located. Are above standard procedures do not help, can also proceed differently, without having to switch to equal competitors. Often, certain extensions are identified as a possible source of error. So you should start a trial in which they can all add-ons before the outside and once with a "clean" Firefox try.

Firefox freezes: Go deeper into the problem

Without a precise error analysis, it is difficult to eliminate all potential reasons and to offer a direct solution proposal. In our Firefox Troubleshooting, however, a number of approaches that can help you with your problems found.

Basically: Keep both your browser and all the necessary add-ons always up to date, too, the system and your antivirus software should always be updated to prevent any unwelcome errors can creep in..


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