Tricky Towers: All Achievements and Trophies – Guide to 100%

Tricky Towers can be best described as a mix between Tetris and Jenga, must be built stable at which your tower, otherwise bring him the laws of gravity to collapse. When puzzle game a lot can be beyond Achievements and Trophies to earn. We show you the list of achievements with their activation conditions.

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Tricky Towers is available on the PC and the PlayStation 4 since 2 August. As a member of PlayStation Plus you can watch the game in August 2016 even download for free. In this guide we'll show you all Achievements and Trophies, the game has to offer.

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Tricky Towers: Achievements and trophies Overview

Overall, you can in Tricky Towers 27 Achievements (28 trophies on the PlayStation 4) unlock. Among other things there achievements if you pass all single player checks or gaining online games against up to three players. In the following table you see all achievements and trophies with their activation conditions.




hexene grandmasterWitches Grandmasterplatinum
Switches all trophies.
ultimate-hexerultimate sorcerergold
Closes competition no. 50 from without losing a heart.
master magicianMaster magiciangold
Complete all tests.
perfect-startperfect startgold
Builds a tower with 99 bricks in the endless survival-task without losing any heart.
absolute-minimumabsolute minimumgold
Closes competition no. 40 from without any magic.
Win a normal race match in 80 seconds without dropping any bricks.
like-a-gloveLike a glove&# 8230;gold
resume includes competition no. 6 with three remaining heart off without a spell.
in the moonlightIn the moonlightsilver
Holt down the moon.
Survived the eighth shaft in survival special mode or in the endless survival mode.
Thinking quicklyQuick thinking!silver
Closes Test no. 8 with at least 52 remaining seconds on the clock.
99-bricks99 bricks!silver
Builds a tower with 99 bricks in the endless survival task.
turn-redundantturning superfluoussilver
Closes competition no. 30 from without turning a brick.
green thumbGreen thumbsilver
7 combines brick with a Efeuzauber.
mode mastermode Mastersilver
Wins an online game at least once in each mode, and with any difficulty.
almost thereAlmost theresilver
Unlocks the Master exams.
in-the-right-trackIn the right trackbronze
Unlocks the expert examinations.
on-good-wayOn trackbronze
Unlocks the professional examinations.
tiny-stepstiny stepsbronze
Unlocks apprenticeship exams.
Win an online match.
brick forkliftbrick stackerbronze
Placed in the endless survival task 66 bricks.
Creates a U-turn with the roof in the race mode.
Creates 20 or more tiles in a puzzle match.
save spacesave spacebronze
Closes competition no. 20 from a unit under the Zapper.
magic-is-overratedMagic is overratedbronze
Closes competition no. 21 from without any magic.
du-stay-daYou stay here!bronze
Stomps on five bubble brick, without letting them fall into the water.
magician-for-all eventsMagician for all casesbronze
Uses all magical spell at least once.
to-hair wideBy a whiskerbronze
Wins an online survival game with a remaining heart.
Win a normal survival match without any magic.


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