What’s AMK? Caution: Parental Advisory

What's AMK? In the comment fields on Facebook, YouTube and Co. and chats for some time the distinctive acronym AMK appears. but what does AMK actually exactly - has made known the expression of YouTube wannabe gangster rapper Gillette Abdi? In the following guide we'll tell it to you. So much ever anticipated: it is not a compliment!

Look here in the video on what the abbreviation means AMK:

432061What does AMK?Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Messenger services like WhatsApp have led to an increasing part of everyday communication now happens in writing. And since many users do not want to type endlessly long sentences, they resort to abbreviations. The result: In recent years, a clear trend to chat abbreviations as TLDR, smh or 1337 can be observed. Many of these abbreviations are relatively harmless, but some terms are anything but friendly - this includes the abbreviation AMK, you can see that more and more frequently in recent times.

What's AMK? Meaning of the abbreviation

The abbreviation AMK is mainly used in the chat on WhatsApp and Co., too, but you can see the distinctive letter combination now fairly common on Facebook and in the comment column on YouTube. In many cases, the term is used so: "I shave you, AMK"

That sounds somehow not very friendly and the bill also does not disappoint. If you even think about it, to use the acronym, you should you this but think again - AMK is a pretty tough offense.

  • The term originates from the Turkish and is advertised Amina Koyim.
  • In German literally means something like "I'll give it your Fo ** e / I f *** ing you."
  • We do not write out the translation at this point - you can probably think you quite well what it means.
  • Correspondingly's AMK something like "I make you ready!"

has announced the concept in Germany of YouTuber Gilette Abdi, who was famous a few years ago for a short time in social media. In his videos, one of which is not quite sure until today, if they were ever serious, Gilette Abdi repeatedly said the phrase "I shave like AMK". Meanwhile, other YouTubers have copied the spell, for example, Hans Entertainment, who has made the AMK in his music videos a "Amena Koy".

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A YouTube video of Gilette Abdi, where the term appears, you can see here:

In the videos of Gilette Abdi and on YouTube, Facebook and the acronym AMK is mostly used slightly ironic. True to the motto: "Although I have just offended you pretty crass, but that's not so bad, because we all know how it is meant." But Do not be fooled it: This is a hard offense. If you say to someone outside of social media Amina Koyim, it may well be that the reaction you will not like - especially if these talks Someone Turkish!

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AMK: Meaning in Youth Language

Gilette Abdi has naturally not invented the term AMK. Even before that, you have the offense Amina Koyim (unfortunately) is relatively common in conversations. It is roughly comparable with terms like "Fuck!" "Shit!" Or "Bloody hell!" And is mostly used by men.

That it eventually ended up sometimes in the German youth and Internet culture, was only a matter of time: after all, some 1.5 million Turks now live in Germany and bring up even their vocabulary. but let them not deceive you: Amina Koyim sounds to Turkish ears much harder and belongs to the absolute bottom drawer of linguistic expression. Who uses such words, do not know either better or does not care what his fellow men think of him. not listening

Turks and their insults

Turkish insults are generally brutal, dirty and much more graphic than in Germany &# 8211; presumably this is the downside of the otherwise flowery language of the Turks. For every witty expression like iskele almak (anbaggern, literally a pier taking) or röntgenci (tensioner, literally Radiologist) there are countless obscenities, of which the most often heard insult Agzina sicayim (I sh *** s in your mouth) or is the most harmless. Conclusion: Even if you now so know wass AMK means should their guard you against using these and similar expressions in the presence of Turkish citizens. It is an extremely nasty dirty word and will be construed by any decent Turks as well.

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