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End of August, appeared for the first Christmas cookies on in stores. Since you can but now ever think about Advent. Conrad has a very Confectionary &# 8211; for fun effect!

Conrad has the advent calendar for crafting nerds

Be honest: you do not want every morning again open the door to a standard calendar to then get a musty piece of chocolate, right? And very oblique types open every morning can of &# 8220; beer calendar&# 8221 ;. But the child in all of us would certainly enjoy a Christmas electronics tinkering ...

Conrad Calendar works with voltage

OK, maybe this ambiguous headline was a bit flat. But it is not wrong! The Conrad advent calendar is definitely different from others. There is not every day a Playmobil accessories or stupid chocolate. Instead, behind every door, an electronic component. And Conrad Calendar is probably the only one who comes with a manual and for which you need a battery.

Conrad has every year a new electronic advent calendarConrad has every year a new electronic advent calendar

First and foremost, of course, the fun is the goal. But along the way you immerse so even his electronic knowledge. Neither soldering nor prior knowledge is required. Every day is the manual a little experiment before and at the end you can plug together all at a great overall result. Stuck because all components can be put together on a breadboard according to a certain plan. This is why we need the 9V block battery that can still must also order if necessary..

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The back of the calendar also contains a few trading cards, with which one can catalog his electronic knowledge and deepen. Conrad advent calendar you get for 9,95 € in the online shop. Last year's calendar (see tip below) are more favorable. And if you use a Conrad voucher, you can still save significantly - as in Porto.

Those who are curious and always has been nachgeguckt as a child that chocolate figure it Gets on 24, which can, of course, through the manual before. Or it can be downloaded already in the online shop of Conrad manual in PDF from even. But that of course does not make half as much fun!

A little tip: There's the Conrad advent calendar every year with other experiments. Since it is always by 24 days and the content can not spoil, you can save a lot of money with a calendar from the previous year. Conrad still sold while stocks last.