create pictures – The interaction of PDFCreator and JPG files

The PDFCreator was created for it to convert your own documents in the Portable Document Format. About PDF files to such leave. easy show as output documents from Microsoft Word or OpenOffice on multiple systems without running the risk of zubekommen shown changed formatting.

5308PDFCreator formats VideoAlthough one would not expect it in the name of the program right away, you can but certainly deal with the PDFCreator with other file formats than the PDF.

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Create with the PDFCreator JPG from PDF

PDFCreator JPEGSo you can from your source documents with the appropriate settings and image files such. B. in JPG format to create. First, add the usual way your files to be processed in the pressure monitor on. Control of before saving the settings. Under the main menu "program" or the "Save" submenu. Here you can Standardpeicherformat Choose from a variety of file formats. A document now z. To save as JPG format, select the appropriate format from the list. In addition to JPG image files You can save your original file as such. B. also convert to a text file or image in PNG and bitmap format. Save the settings so that your next edited documents automatically arrive in your chosen format on the hard drive.

The same in reverse: The PDFCreator can create PDF from JPG files

Of course, you can put files into PDF format and vice versa with the PDFCreator JPG. Add to this all the image files to be converted in the PDFCreator print monitor. Would you ever image file a single PDF, click on each image to "Save". Of course you can combine all the images you want to spend in a document. Then select instead of "Save" command the 'wait-picking ". The PDFCreator now adds the individual image files to an document until you click finally back to "Save." Make sure that in the settings under Save the PDF format is selected safe again. In the end you get to your files in JPG format and these can now be edited with any standard image processing program.


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