Microsoft Lumia 960: photos show flagship smartphone, which could not be

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Although Microsoft does not build more smart phones, the development of the Lumia 950's successor, the company had at that time but started anyway. Photos now show how the 2016er flagship Lumia 960 would have looked like:

Microsoft Lumia 960: photos show flagship smartphone, which could not be

Microsoft Lumia 960 with metal housing

After Aussieg Microsoft in the smartphone business, it went steeply with Windows 10 Mobile downhill. Without Lumia smartphones, the operating system does not seem to be working. After the end of 2015 presented Lumia 950 flagship smartphones were only mid-range and entry-level devices from Microsoft on the market, but have not actually launched. The new models were no longer colorful and the selection too low. By 2016, Microsoft had planned but a new flagship with the Lumia 960, which is now on first photos:

Microsoft Lumia 960 prototype Leak

This is clearly a prototype, which was partially provided with holes in order to connect meters and an external power supply. anyway you get them a good impression, which would have to expect when the Lumia 960 would still come on the market. The smartphone has a metal housing with antenna strip, which we know from many other smartphones. Microsoft could therefore be adopted by the polycarbonate its predecessor and would have built a high-quality smartphone.

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On the back is a 20 MP PureView camera should be used, which is supported by a 3D LED flash. The display would have been equipped with a QHD resolution, the screen size is not known. Inside, a Snapdragon 820 should carry out its work and it would naturally come Windows 10 Mobile as the operating system used. Two front speakers would have made for a good sound that is output directly to the user.

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Microsoft is to plan a new smartphone

19566Lumia 950 XL in the test

The Lumia 960 did not make it to the production stage, but Microsoft will develop a new smartphone equipped with a special Windows Mobile version. Many details have to not yet known, but it seems as if Microsoft has not completely given up the mobile sector. A Surface Phone has so far not yet in place.

Source: Baidu via windows central