LogMeIn Hamachi: Change IP address and manage

With LogMeIn Hamachi you get the opportunity, applications such. To run as games in a virtual LAN. Using the application, so such leave. B. Games online play, although they have a local network function, but does not have online multiplayer mode for playing on the Internet.

2506Winload LogMeIn Hamachi IP address Video

The IP address in Hamachi is also the address and name of a server, to set up in LogMeIn Hamachi. It is advisable to preserve the IP address when the server created a regular meeting point for participants, eg. As for online games is.

Settings of the IP in Hamachi IPhamachi-ip-Show

To find your own IP address in LogMeIn Hamachi, just enough to take a look at the top of the program window.

With the basic functions, it is not possible to change an already assigned IP in Hamachi. To get a different IP in Hamachi, first all IP entries for the program must be completely removed from the hard drive. Not just an ordinary uninstall the program enough. The IP used for Hamachi is entered deep into the registry. To ensure that you can assign a new IP in LogMeIn Hamachi, any IP relevant messages by Hamachi have to be deleted from the registry administration.

HOWTO: In Hamachi change the IP address

To not laboriously sift through the registry, there is a small detour via the Hamachi IP can be changed. To this end, the program must first be closed. is from the Windows Run Menp then the path "% APPDATA%" sought. There, we find the "Hamachi" folder. This one calls for such. B. "Hamachi Backup".

If you open Hamachi now new, we obtain a new IP. If you want to access the old IP again, the newly created folder is easy once again renamed or deleted, and the backup folder renamed back to "Hamachi". Next time you start LogMeIn Hamachi again accesses the data from the old folder.


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