published code for Mewtwo Development: Pokémon sun and moon

On the official website of Pokémon sun and moon Nintendo has released a special code that can take advantage of the owner of the legendary Pokémon Mewtwo to move ahead to the respective stronger form Mega Mewtwo X or Y Mewtwo Mega. However, there's a small catch, because Mewtwo is available in editions sun and moon do not actually.

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Good news for owners of the legendary Pokémon Mewtwo in Pokémon sun and moon: On the official gaming site Nintendo has published a code upon whose redemption in the game you have the mega-stones "Mewtunit X" and "Y Mewtunit" will receive. With which Mewtwo can then evolve into a stronger form, here you need to decide between the shape of "Mega Mewtwo X" or "Mega Mewtwo Y".

The code for Mewtwo Mega Stones is: M2DESCENT

Follow these steps to redeem the code:

1. From the Main Menu "secret action" from.

2. Select "receive gift" from.

3. Choose "Per serial code received," then "Yes" and then again "Yes" to connect to the Internet.

4. Enter your code.

5. See to it, how do you get the two mega-stones!

6. Talk to the supplier in the Pokémon Center to get the two mega-stones!

7. Do not forget to save your game!

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While Nintendo is with the release of the mega-stones here very generous, but the matter also has a small hook. As the developer that is setting out himself, Mewtwo is not antreffbar in Pokémon sun and moon in the normal way, which is why the pocket monsters would first be transferred using the "PokéMover" from one of the earlier games in the new.


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