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macOS Sierra: Clean Install - how it's done.

Sven Kaulfusson 21/09/2016 at 15:55

Clean Install? What is that and why should the new macOS Sierra (10.12) therefore actually "clean" install on the Mac? Following is an explanation along with automated guidance for our readers.

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Under a "Clean Install" - that a clean installation - we understand the update of the operating system on a blank hard disk or SSD. The update will not be "ironed" over an existing installation, but actually be playing virginal. Advantage: The certainty no software legacy lugging that could otherwise possibly be responsible for errors and malfunctions. Important: Before we begin, we need a backup Creating our data - either automatically by Apple Time Machine (alternatively with Carbon Copy Cloner, etc.) or even just manually by selecting and copying the data to an external drive. Source: Cleaning of Shutterstock.

On the next page of our guide starts for a "Clean Install" of macOS Sierra (10:12) ...

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