Facebook lets its app crash – to test whether users return

"What a waste, constantly app crashes !!!" so loud some Play Store reviews of the Facebook app. That this not is a poorly written app, but pure intention The reported information. The Group will make the app deliberately crash to test how persistent they are, despite problems, continue to use.

Facebook lets its app crash - to test whether users returnSource: Facebook on a tablet | Shutterstock

Relationship Test deluxe: Why not just times annoy the people of his desire for a long period of time to see if it remains. Similarly sees a field test of the social network Facebook: To test how loyal are the users of the mobile application is an error in the app, was quickly installed. This could crash the Facebook app - and for long periods. "The error did not prevent the user from getting to come back," The information cited a person who should be familiar with the tests.

Plant Facebook's own AppStore?

But why bother? Facebook wants to test supposedly whether users are the network loyal enough to try everything to continue using it, and if necessary to install the app even from a third-party store.

Facebook itself does not come up no direct conflict with Google, but you want to be prepared for the worst. It makes sense but that would be, for example, to establish their own app ecosystem for the Facebook Messenger. An app that contains its own AppStore, Facebook may not be offered through Google Play loud Play Store Rules. Similar experiences could also Amazon already do. After it was temporarily also download Android applications via the Amazon app, Google removed the app unceremoniously from the Play Store. Meanwhile, there is the Amazon App indeed back on Google &# 8211; but without the possibility of app downloads. The full version is only available as APK directly from Amazon.

Back to Facebook: For such experiments with its users even the Group hedges in the Terms. These will be noted that user data can be analyzed and used for research. Already in 2014 filtered Facebook the posts in the timelines in order to check whether the mood of posts displayed is transferred to the person behind the computer or smartphone.

Source: The information, via The Verge


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