PhotoFiltre Portable Download

Portable version of the free image editor PhotoFiltre.

In which PhotoFiltre Portable Download is it is the portable edition of the image editor PhotoFiltre that can be used without installation, for example, from a USB stick at any computer. Except for the omission of the installation PhotoFiltre Portable offers exactly the same features as the installation version of PhotoFiltre.

Tools and supported file formats PhotoFiltre Portable

This includes extensive tools for image editing such as brushes, mop and clone tools, a color picker and a filling function. In addition, the program provides more than 100 filters and effects. With version 7 also working with layers implemented in PhotoFiltre, which increases the possibilities of effective image processing with the tool even further. Furthermore, transparent alpha channels can now be used.

Another highlight of PhotoFiltre Portable Downloads is the fact that the image editing program supports a wide range of image formats, among which are also more exotic formats such as JPEG 2000 are located. Furthermore, it is also possible to load JPG files in the program that do not use the RGB, but the CMYK color model.

PhotoFiltre Portable functionality

Other features of PhotoFiltre Portable

Another feature of PhotoFiltre is the automation module that can be applied was like a whole series of images with the editing functions such as scaling. In addition, there is also a picture browser and the ability to scan images on TWAN compatible devices in the program. GIF images can be made transparent to the PhotoFiltre Portable download, it can be used and more text effects.

Besides, PhotoFiltre Portable can also be extended by various plugins.

Conclusion: The portable edition of PhotoFiltre offers the same functions as the installation version and represents a recommended freeware image editor with extensive capabilities.


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