Fraps alternatives: video capturing for Games

With the software FRAPS you possess a tool for recording content that is visible on the PC screen. So can you FRAPS z. B. use to receive or Let's Plays to make video tutorials. Whom the use of FRAPS is not or who is currently around 29 € do not want to pay the price of, is with us some FRAPS alternatives for the video capture on the computer.

Fraps alternatives: video capturing for Games

FRAPS is the first port of call for many gamers, especially when it comes to take games on video. Who wants to verify that there is in him a true player Let's infected, should make his first steps as YouTuber with a free FRAPS alternative.

Free Fraps alternatives

With CamStudio you will receive a free alterative to FRAPS. The program can all be displayed on the screen to save in video format. Even the recording of pictures is possible with the open source FRAPS alternative CamStudio.

download Camstudio

  • CamStudio saves the screen video in AVI and Flash format.
  • The sound recording is possible.

Fraps alternatives: video capturing for Games

Also, the MSI Afterburner provides the opportunity to record the screen as a video. The alternative to FRAPS also offers other features that do not allow FRAPS, z. B. overclocking graphics cards. supported are AMD or Nvidia, among other devices. In addition, MSI Afterburner provides information about the video card, such as the current frame rate and temperature.

Fraps alternatives: video capturing for Games

Download Video capturing software: Fraps alternatives

Overwolf also allows you to take PC games. This freeware utility also provides other helpful in-game features such. B. use Skype or access to TeamSpeak. Similar to Steam you can also access a built-in browser and you read cheats or news about games, while the actual game loads in the background.

Overwolf Download

the Fraps Alternative Game Booster works similarly. The program is actually designed to make your computer ready for the gaming and provides for extensive functions for defragmentation or disabling background processes may affect the gaming pleasure.

Finally Play Claw is recommended as an alternative FRAPS you. Although the program costs $ 39, provides for various options for video capture. The tool offers you the following:

  • Games-recording with high resolution and low performance cost
  • Space Gentle recording
  • In Game Features
  • Graphics Card Statistics

Those who want to gain an insight into the functionality, PlayClaw can test for 15 days.

3951PlayClaw trailer
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