E-Plus creates APN from: Immediately without access point to the Internet (Update)

To use his cellphone charges the mobile Internet, has in the settings one APN, an access point can be adjusted. Often, this happens automatically, sometimes these data must be entered manually. E-Plus has now decided to this need technically to get around and to make access to the Internet even without APN.

E-Plus creates APN from: Immediately without access point to the Internet (Update)

First a great thing, especially in the smartphone sector this is in customer service often a hot topic when flying out settings or entered incorrectly. Also for the Apple Group this change beneficial likely to be. Equipment must no longer with the own data in advance &# 8220; branded&# 8221; be if one renounces bookmarks or separate pre-installed apps. This rule also applies to customers in the network of BASE, Simyo, Aldi Talk and All other customers who use the E-Plus network.

Caution for existing customers

Not everyone of our readers use the mobile Internet. Many download their apps only in domestic wireless and need go no WhatsApp, Facebook or email. The mobile provider integrate in its new tariffs, although increasingly an Internet flat, but some existing customers can not benefit from it or have old, to book more expensive options. Many, including my family and friends, so can an Internet option off completely.

For such customers, this APN change is now very important because here the Internet can be shared by an unfavorable adjustment in the smartphone immediately. It used to be just needed no access point in the telephone set, From now on, it is important to be careful, &Mobile data; # 8220&# 8221; To disable the settings or enter a completely wrong APN. so give your parents, grandparents, friends and aunts with E-Plus network notification or provides smartphone to appropriately so there is no rude awakening.

If you do not Internetflat active, pay the GPRS / UMTS standard rate when using: € 0.99 / MB. A cost capping will take place at 100 €.

I used to work in the E-Plus / BASE customer service. If there is an unusually high phone bill, then get in touch direct and friendly asks the hotline and why, often one very accommodating in responding understandable cases. E-Plus will notify with an SMS in advance all existing customers special cases, there are always. Also, I have checked with E-Plus, how to proceed in such special cases, the answer to this, of course grudge here.



I found out that the conversion of the system Gradually changed becomes. Therefore, only the customers receive a text message with the indication for which the conversion has taken place. It used to be possible enter an incorrect APN, so that the phone does not connect to the Internet unintentionally. This procedure works with the conversion no more. So you have to use Internet Connection Disable necessarily Smartphone, because otherwise the device may automatically connect to the network. Connect to the WAP network becomes continue only by entering the correct APN occur.

Note Update
at I also recommend further questions or problems a visit to the mobile experts. They answer questions about mobile tariffs or direct line of E-Plus. There answer your questions volunteers and pass them also suitable to the social media team on. I was active there even long. As you come to the Internet in the future with an incorrect APN, there will certainly be one way or another large bill.

But by the way: if you already bought a smartphone, then you can book this for 5 Euros a small Internet Flat. These handsets reach their full potential only mobile. Who does not do this and do not set properly with the device and its settings apart is, willy-nilly have to pay dearly.


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