The Witcher 3 Walkthrough: Witcher quest – The Swamp Thing (with video)

Ignis Faatus belongs to the genus of Neblinge and is just as nasty as it looks. This hundreds years old Nekrophage met you during the sorcerer job &# 8220; The Swamp Thing&# 8221; of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In our walkthrough we tell you how you will cope with this disgusting creature and you secures his head as a trophy.


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The Witcher 3: The Swamp Thing &# 8211; Ignis Faatus

You throw a look at the Billboard in Lower random, is this sorcerer job to you Leslav in the humpback swamp Send. This tells you about a mist that engulfs all who dare by him to proceed. A monster with glowing coals for eyes and a mouth full of fangs to kill unsuspecting farmers. This calls for a job for witcher Geralt. At trial, for your reward you can even knock out a few more crowns, about 270 However, you should not go to her. Then you make on you to start with the last known location of the missing farmers with the clues.

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Ignis Faatus at a glance

monsterIgnis Faatus
StrengthenCreating illusions, attacks from ambush at
weaknessesMoondust Necrophage, sorcerer sign Quen
LootCarabella (steel sword / relic)
Recommended Players Level12
The Nebling merges with the mist and grabs you with fondness from ambush.The Nebling merges with the mist and grabs you with fondness from ambush.

Hexer Order: search for clues in the swamp

  1. going south to the marked area and the drowned kill there before you start with the clues.
  2. There you will find a farmer's body and a illusion, after the disenchantment footprints a monster disclosed.
  3. Follows the trail to her a hut and another corpse comes.
  4. therefore keep after green mist Out and follows him. However, keep yourselves too long in it because it fast otherwise poisoned will.
  5. The trail leads you to a Cave, At you can go as soon as you have previously removed the illusion.
  6. saves now best again from, because in the cave now a cut scene and then the boss fight starts.

So you Ignis defeated Faatus

Just as Hanna creates out of the woods Ignis Faatus Illusions of yourself and also produces a mist that makes it hard to find him. With the Hexer sign Quen do you create a shield and protect you so before his lightning attacks from ambush. The Nebling is regularly transform. You can do this with the Bomb moondust stop and hold him so well for a long time in manifested form to hand out decent amount of damage. Necrophage helps you additionally it for more attack power.

do not fall for the illusions. Ignis Faatus always appeared out of nowhere not fall for the illusions. Ignis Faatus always appeared out of nowhere again.

Made sure to raise you as always before in a village armor and weapons and to arm you with potions. Let yourself if possible not Ignis Faatus meet and dodges always in time, because his punches are not to be despised and pull a lot of life energy.

In the following video you can see all the boss fight against Ignis Faatus on the level of difficulty death march.

1359The Witcher 3: Boss Battle - Ignis Faatus

Statements and reward

In addition to various Monsteringredenzien get her the Nebling trophy, the Nebling mutagen and Relic weapon Carabella. Also still Look a bit more in the cave in order, as it in some hidden corners still treasure chests to plunder gives. After her return to Leslav for your reward, told you this, that he is short of money at the moment and asks you for a week postponement. Either you reject and drives the money or it agrees and gets in return for a week the double pay! The wait is worth it in this case. You can the waiting time also easy and convenient bridge through constant meditation and leave as quickly pass away seven days.

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