Firefox 29: Restore Old design and status bar

Firefox 29 is there and not everyone is enthusiastic about the new design. So how can I switch back to the old design, and also to regain my status bar?

australis is the name of the new version of the browser. Firefox 29 has changed a lot and polarized again its users. While some even think about switching from Chrome back to Firefox, other despair &# 8211; like me &# 8211; the strange rounded tabs and the vanished status bar.

The Firefox 29 status bar is gone &# 8211; I can again do they have?

I need my Firefox status bar! Because I use a lot of add-ons, who are placed there to give me information about the current web page, about PageRank or Java scripts. And I do not have all the top of the menu bar, these tiny icons. they are not so important and there I need the space for other things. Damn it, but it finally gave the status bar! To display there things that you need only occasionally ...

Firefox 29 status bar tabsFirefox 29 has made disappear the status bar and the tabs look like toy labels

For that I have now received a Chrome-like menu at the top right, where I can place your own icons. This is to a kind &# 8220; homemade favorite menu&# 8221; become. WTF? What do the Mozilla how many times I play around in the menu of Firefox? What do I need to functions that I use as hotkeys. And the left of it is now also the former contents of my status bar. This is quite confusing.

Firefox 29 menueThe new menu of Firefox 29 (Australis) is reminiscent of Google Chrome

But salvation is at hand! It did not take long and in time for the release of the final version of Firefox Australis there is an addon that Firefox 29 returns the status bar. Besides, I can thus also enable the appearance of the buttons back to a tolerable state and eliminate the orange Firefox button that suddenly was back.

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Tabs again angular, status bar back &# 8211; Firefox saved 29!

The rescue is in this case &# 8220; Classic Theme Restorer (Customize Australis)&# 8221; and brings not only the status bar back, but also gives us many opportunities to bring in Firefox 29, the tabs back into a square shape. And these are not the only changes.

classic theme restorer australisClassic Theme Restorer, the Firefox status bar 29 restores and also changes a lot else

In addition to the desired deferrals to the design of Firefox 28 sets and the sophisticated AddOn still several options available with which we can particularly change menu or tray and adjust. With the plugin we can also use the Star button again NEBn pack the address bar. With this star can accept the current page quickly bookmarks.

And after all selections are complete, Firefox 29 is restarted once to come back later in the new, old robe. Surely I can be about all the changes that have taken place under the hood happy. Firefox 29 is said to have put on performance. Whether that's true, I have to find out. The Firefox sync with Firefox Accounts I do not need because I secure my links and passwords with LastPass and XMarks and sync. The menu I like already in Chrome does not and will not be used even with Firefox.

And if you want to know how to at Firefox 29, the tabs below the address bar gets to Jonas has written a tip&# 8230; And if Youtube Video will not play again, you get the YouTube Unblocker for Firefox.

And another tip for those who want to disable the plugin-container for Firefox. so folding&# 8217; s that!

And here of the links to the Classic Theme Restorer

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