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Spyder4 is a solution for monitor calibration, which is available in three versions: Express, Pro and Elite. Especially for creative professionals and photographers developed, the device measures the values ​​of monitors and calibrates them.

With Spyder4 not only monitors and laptops can be calibrated, the device is also suitable for color matching to projectors, TVs, iPads and iPhones. Spyder4 ensures through automatic and manual nachregelbare brightness and color control for true color screens. For the implementation of the sensor has seven detectors to detect the entire color spectrum.

Spyder4 Express

Spyder4 Express ** is intended for all who create professional content mainly for display on monitors. The variant can be used on a single monitor or on a laptop. Also iPad and iPhone can be calibrated with the free app SpyderGallery.

Spyder4 Pro

Spyder4 Pro ** is for photographers and creatives who mainly create projects for printing and therefore need a better control for their light and color management. For this purpose, an integrated sensor for measuring the ambient lighting provides. Various settings for gamma and white point are available. In addition, several displays and the iPad and the iPhone can be calibrated with the Pro version.

Spyder4 Elite

Spyder4 Elite ** has been developed for those who depend on a high degree of color control and flexibility in post-production. Gamma values, color temperature and luminance can be set specifically here. Spyder4 Elite supports the video standards Cineon, NTSC, PAL and HDTV. Thus, these variant is also particularly suitable for use in the professional video sector. Also projectors can be calibrated. It was also revised the Advanced MQA (Monitor Quality Analysis) with the version 4, which compares the color space of your own monitor with the Adobe RGB and sRGB color space.


After downloading and installing the software, the Spyder 4 is connected to the computer via USB. is then measured initially ambient lighting; makes sense, then, is for various lighting situations (such as day, night) set up different profiles.

All settings of the monitor will be reset prior to calibration, the Spyder is placed on the predetermined area on the monitor. After clicking on Start automatically fields are displayed, which evaluates the Spyder so for example, the brightness of the monitor to adjust. This process takes about 10 minutes.

The evaluation appears in a separate dialog, where the new profile should be named. The new setting can be compared with the old. Visual changes to the white point and gamma value are possible later.

After that, an extended analysis can still be performed. This takes into account the color gamut, the Tonal, brightness and contrast. In addition, the Spyder checks the homogeneity of the monitor brightness and color, and analyzes the color fidelity. The values ​​can be checked individually. Allowed to run all the analyzes, which lasts about 15 minutes. In this case, the sensor must be partially placed in different areas of the screen, for example for measurement of the screen uniformity. A detailed report shows the test data to conclude.

Prices and availability

All three Spyder4 products are now available in stores, such as alternate available. Spyder4 Express ** there is for 109,90 euros, Spyder4 Pro ** for 129,90 euros and Spyder4 Elite ** for 179.90 euros.

Gallery Spyder 4

  • (Figure 1.8):Spyder 4 Elite - Spyder 4 Elite is suitable for professionals in the print and video area. Diede variant provides the most options.
  • (2/8):Spyder 4 Express - Express ensures consistent colors with graphics for the Internet.
  • (Figure 3.8):In use - A graphic the place on which the Spyder must be connected marked.
  • (Figure 4.8):Spyder 4 - The Spyder then measures the color and brightness values ​​and creates a profile.
  • (Figure 5.8):Measurement - Here, the Spyder through just different measurements.
  • (Figure 6.8):Proof - After calibration, a proof shows the result. By clicking on switching the values ​​are seen before calibration.
  • (Figure 7.8):Post-processing - white point and gamma can be edited manually.
  • (Figure 8.8):iPad calibration - Even the iPad and the iPhone can be calibrated with the Spyder. 4

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