Labor Office Hotline: Numbers and Info

You want to sign you looking for work, use one career counseling, find a job or have any other concerns, for which the employment agency is responsible? For different subjects there are several labor office hotlines that you can achieve free. You'll find them in this post.

Labor Office HotlineLabor Office Hotline: Responsibilities

The Federal Employment Agency is responsible for tasks arising from the "Third Social Code Book" (SGB III). These include:

  • Benefit (also: "ALG I"; "unemployment benefits II" pays the job Center)
  • Training and employment services (this includes u. A. Optimizing applications and preparing for interviews)
  • occupational guidance
  • employers consulting
  • Promoting vocational training
  • Payment of child support

For the following persons or subjects the employment office hotlines offer these numbers:

phone number
Workers / job seekers and young people0800 4 5555 00
employer0800 4 5555 20
Family Fund: information generally0800 4 5555 30
Family Fund: payment dates child support0800 4 5555 33
Debt collection / finish0800 4 5555 10
learning exchange0800 4 5555 02
Virtual job market (u. A. Job exchange of the Federal Agency)0800 4 5555 01
  • Each service can you reach Monday to Friday from 8 to 18 PM.
  • "Family Fund: payment dates child benefit" is available every day around the clock.

Since June 1, 2013, all calls are free, both fixed and mobile phones. Previously, you had to choose toll numbers with the prefix 0180 first This cost 3.9 cents per minute in the fixed network and the mobile network up to 42 cents per minute. The costs have been eliminated due to a change of the Telecommunications Act, as this means that queues the caller may not cause costs for service numbers.

In which cases I have personally employment agency?

  • In the following concerns you have to personally intervene with one of the employment agencies:
  • You want to sign you out of work. (Report Arbeitssuchend you do not have you on the spot.)
  • You need an appointment with the employment agencies, guidance counselor or for the delivery of unemployment benefit applications.
  • You want to use the Internet Center or other information sources in the agency.

Meets some of it towards you? Then uses the best search site of the employment agency to find an office near you.

Labor Office hotline - Professional

Is it perhaps but killed Job Center?

Often the Job Center and the Employment Agency are confused or it's not clear in whose jurisdiction a concern falls. While the employment agency as mentioned responsible for tasks under SGB III, is what the job center to responsibilities under SGB II and thus to basic security for job seekers ( "Hartz IV"). The nearest Job Center can be found on the Job Center website.


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