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NoScript is a useful extension for Firefox that Javascript, Flash, Silverlight and Java off by pressing a button and turns, where you can also create a Postivliste with pages on which these technologies are to be executed yet.

NoScript is a Firefox add-on which, as the name implies, prevent the execution of JavaScript in the browser request can. Moreover, it is with NoScript for Firefox to prevent but also possible to run Java, Flash, Silverlight, and other plug-ins in the browser.


NoScript add Firefox browser

To add NoScript Firefox, you simply double-click on the downloaded XPI file and pressed the button &# 8220; Install Now&# 8221 ;. Now you have the browser still reboot and can then use the add-on. These can be found right next to the &# 8220; Before&# 8221; button to the Firefox interface a new button with a crossed-out &# 8220; S&# 8221 ;. This signals that NoScript is enabled for Firefox and running scripts on the current page is prevented.

Do you want the settings of NoScript change, ride your mouse over the said button, whereupon a menu opens. Here you can the execution of scripting for the individual elements of the webpage permit, allow or forbid temporarily again. It is also possible to classify domains as untrusted and enter settings.

configure NoScript

In the settings of NoScript you can, for example, under the tab &# 8220; Advanced&# 8221; Set on the Prohibition of scripting beyond limitations classified as untrusted websites. Furthermore, you can create a whitelist, enable notifications and configure and much more.

The positive list is particularly useful for the purpose to enter sites there that you been trusted, but not function without running scripts. This is particularly common in online banking sides of the case.

Note: To use the extension, you must first add the Firefox the downloaded XPI file. In the article Firefox add-ons manually install you will find a manual for this.

On the subject:

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Gallery NoScript

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  • Increased security while surfing
  • Applying a positive list of possible
  • Many websites can not be displayed completely
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