Setting up Parental Control: Google Play Store

You always hear reports of children who have spent on the phone or tablet of their parents immense sums of which latter knew nothing. The money is then once dropped out of credit card or the phone bill, the frustration is great, because the money does not come often back. So you can narrow down something in the future, we have some advice about child safety in the Play Store.

Setting up Parental Control: Google Play Store

Parental control the Play Store: Passwords, Passwords, Passwords!

Besides the fact that passwords of other to protect your sensitive data in social media or shops from access, can you also in the Play Store a password save from having the little ones unnoticed make app purchases that might lead you to ruin.

Buy some already enter her an app in the Play Store, you have to your password. However, the standard options provide that in the following 30 minutes after buying more transactions are possible without a password. This option applies therefore to configure.

google-play-store-tips-tricks-8The three options, this option must be adapted:

  • Enter the password for every purchase
  • 30 minutes to enter a password for a purchase
  • No password request when making a purchase

To change the settings, you can just after a purchase on the appropriate link to the options or click following in the app tread way:

  1. Typed in the Google Play Store app on the menu button of your phones
  2. Chooses settings out
  3. now selects Require authentication for purchases
  4. Now certainly one of the above three ways (We advise you to number 1)

The password that you must enter is the same as for your Google account. You should therefore make sure that your children do not know the password.

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More parental control in the Play Store

Of course, it is not yet done. Fees may also arise when placed in-app purchases. Either you so choose, in principle, to waive such apps (see the permissions when downloading an app or on the store side of the respective app) or you try one of our other tips that you turn Kamal in in-app purchases reveals.


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