5 Reasons for the Xbox One is why I also pre-ordered (part 2)

Calm down! Yes, I'll say something positive about the Xbox One in the following list. Yes, you can still Tranquil Mind you, the Playstation 4 pre-order. I finally made and the five reasons I have already mentioned to you in this article yesterday. Now you really have as a nerd but a certain responsibility EVERY technical device that was somehow at some point, invented anybody times to have available in his home - and I still have the excuse that I anyway need both consoles for work , Grapeshot. Here are five reasons why I pre-ordered the Xbox One. And as always, respect, opinion!

5 Reasons for the Xbox One is why I also pre-ordered (part 2)

 Reason 1: Kinect 2

Na, na, na! Grab your pitchforks again and let me try to convince you from my point of view. Kinect was a playful disaster that will question hardly anyone. Microsoft has made a buck trying to sell the beta version of a device that was used in this form for almost a game. Except Harmonix with her three &# 8220; Dance Central&# 8220; -Play it seems to have made no other developers for Kinect to develop smoothly functioning, fun games exclusively.

Although Kinect has sold until February 2013 incredible 24 million times, but of 76 million units sold compared to the then entire base Xbox 360 consoles is still too little for Kinect to develop his game exclusively, was at the same time to 52 million potential to dispense customers.

To secure for Kinect 2, the long-term support of developers and publishers, the device must therefore necessarily be sold along with the console. Otherwise, the market will return so much so fragmented that exclusive Kinect developments hardly worthwhile. The optional camera Playstation 4 will share the fate of Eye Toy and Playstation Move and disappear within a short time in the sinking - Kinect 2, however is already available for Christmas in millions of households.

is as important as natural that Microsoft has greatly improved the motion sensor. Kinect 2 can now also detect finger movements, works in much smaller spaces and notes even when you turn you. Madness. So it can all the things that one would have expected from the very first version. Kinect 1 had thus to recognize trouble if I have moved three feet to the right&# 8230; and the new version will now be able to measure my blood pressure based on my skin color? I'm curious.


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