27 “iMac: Up to 80 percent higher graphics performance

After Apple had introduced earlier this month as part of the WWDC new iMac models, there are now more concrete details about the performance compared to its predecessors and the Mac Pro.

27 & quot; iMac: Up to 80 percent higher graphics performance

That the new iMacs would be faster than the predecessor was to be expected. but especially the performance leap of the new graphics solution is amazing. The team behind the benchmark tool Geekbench has now published an overview of the latest iMacs are compared among others with their predecessors.

It is not surprising that the single-core performance of the new iMacs, the old models to shame. The Mac Pro from the year 2013 was in this discipline has long been no more enemies.

Image: GeekbenchImage: Geekbench

However, the situation continues to look when multiple cores are in demand. However, although the iMac disengaged from the 2017 to the 12-core Mac Pro closer than ever, this can not come from the throne. The replacement but will probably come later than the iMac Pro, if it is available with up to 18 cores from the end of the 2017th

Image: GeekbenchImage: Geekbench

The single-core performance of the current 27&# 8243; iMac by 9 percent compared to the predecessor from 2015. In the multi-core area of ​​the new model was 15 percent faster.

The model with the Core i7-7700K reached the highest current single-core value at Geekbench Mac benchmark. In multi-core Bench he 3rd place behind the Mac Pro with 8 or 12 cores.

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According to Geekbench are observed no major differences between the models with Core i5-7600K and Core i5-7600. While base frequencies (3.5 and 3.8 GHz) differ slightly, the turbo-frequencies (4.1 and 4.2 GHz) nearly equal.

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Significant increase in GPU performance

Since Geekbench 4 benchmark also includes a "GPU Compute Benchmark" which determines the performance of the GPUs. This area was always interesting in recent times, because many applications can outsource their work to the GPU and so increasingly benefit from fast graphics chips now.

Image: GeekbenchImage: Geekbench

The new iMacs have their predecessors while significantly behind. The top model with Radeon Pro 580 is faster than its predecessor up to 80 percent. Even the "slowest" current model with Radeon Pro 570 is faster than the then high-end iMac with Radeon R9 M395X of the year, 2015.

But the now somewhat outdated Mac Pro had to vacate the place in the sun. Both the Radeon Pro 575 and Pro 580 Radeon are faster than a FirePro D700 in the Mac Pro. However Geekbench only tests a GPU. Applications that can take advantage of multiple GPUs, but should continue to have on a Mac Pro in the lead.

Source: Geekbench via MacRumors


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