Chromecast 2015 and Chromecast Audio in the test

In addition to the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P Google has presented at his keynote end of September, two new Chromecasts. The Chromecast 2015 replaces the successful drive from the year 2013, the second - aptly and simply named Chromecast Audio - breathed speakers and music systems a new, smart life. We have the two "pucks" that are each available for 39 euros in the Play Store, and tried to tell you the test of whether an upgrade or a new acquisition is worth.

43838Chromecast 2015 and Chromecast Audio in the test

Chromecast 2015 - Pros and Cons:

space-saving installationWith 39 euros more expensive than its predecessor
Improved wireless reception: ac standard and 5 GHz supportFurthermore, partially critical initial setup
Faster startup of high-quality videoNo 4K video support

Chromecast Audio - Pros and Cons:

Makes old boxes and stereo systems "smart"Sound quality is fine but not high-end
Can to 3.5 mm, RCA and optical inputs are connectedRequires an additional connection to power supply or USB port
Supports next Play Music among others, Spotify, Deezer, and TuneInOnly 3.5mm cable included


Who owns the old Chromecast can rest assured: An upgrade to the 2015er model is not currently necessary. Although the wireless receiver dongle was nominally improved and actually start videos with the new hardware and minimally better and faster reproduced in high resolution, but the partially faulty and troublesome initial setup is unfortunately exist. Otherwise, the new Chromecast has no earth-shattering improvements. Remains to be seen whether the announced new gaming features of gamblers may still require a hardware upgrade - until then, but it also does the old Chromecast. Newcomers to Google Cast-world pay immediately, although a few more euros, but received for 5 GHz support and a generally compact solution behind the domestic TV.

The Chromecast Audio, however, now also tapping older music systems the world of streaming and so does the same good which was the original Chromecast that time bestowed the TV, for speakers and sound systems without Internet access. Who likes to listen to music and adds to them on Spotify, Google Play Music and Co., is a great, cheap and easy addition to its existing audio setups in the 39 euro costing dongle. However, one must be aware that the app Chromecast must support. Simple Player apps for lying on the device MP3 files or even the Amazon Apps - Audible and Amazon Music - do not support Chromecast, unlike Bluetooth speakers or dongles. This simply reflect all reproduced by the device audio signals rather than going through the cloud to take and therefore are suitable for users of such services more appropriate.

chromecast2015-evaluation chrome cast audio evaluation

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