Moto G5: 3 GB version available in May in Germany

Lenovo offers Moto G5 now also in a somewhat more powerful variant: Instead of 2 GB of RAM is available in the additionally available option 3 GB of memory. The extra charge of ten euros is it not worth mentioning.

Moto G5: 3 GB version available in May in Germany

As the saying goes: It's a "no-brainer" that serves up our Lenovo there. Meaning: Ten euros more for a whole extra GB of RAM are actually no reason to think longer. Until now, there was only a variant with just 2GB of RAM, although deliver useful in combination with the built Snapdragon 430 CPU, but more is in this respect actually usually better. From mid-May, the Moto G5 is available with 3 GB of RAM to the store of Lenovo, to remain attractive price of 209 euros.

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Moto G5: Surprising Announcement

The move comes something surprising. Not too long ago it was the part of the public relations agency of Lenovo, the Moto G5 with 3 GB of RAM will not open in Germany. Customers can look forward, more power for barely more money is always good. But what should interfere still is the fact that Lenovo has the Moto G5 donated no compass. Rather incomprehensible to us, after all, to the smartphone so can serve as a navigation system. The remaining specifications in brief: The 5 inch display has a Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) on, 16 GB memory are ready for data storage. Via microSD card but the memory can be expanded. The cameras: 13 MP reverse with f / 2.0 aperture, 5 MP with f / 2.2 at the front.

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The 2800 mAh battery can still change what is now almost back is a unique selling point even. A fingerprint sensor is also on board as all common connectivity modules (except for the compass) and now evenly also 3GB of RAM.

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