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Levels are the basic concept of most image editing programs. They allow a creative use and easier to work with complex images. The work with layers can be confusing the first time. At the beginning will be explained, as you can imagine the whole. Following describes how you can view after the GIMP Download GIMP levels.

The essence of levels

A project in GIMP always consists of levels. Think of these as transparent films before, to look at work from above. Specific example: You have two films and color a completely red and describe the other with yellow text. Place the second sheet to the first, there is the image represents as a yellow text against a red background. That describes the essence of levels. From Show GIMP levels to let the editor's own images can simplify, if one has once internalized this concept.

GIMP levels

The Layers dialog

Heart for working with layers, the layers dialog. It is located in the default Dock, or can be called with control and L button. Here you can see all the levels and you can make visible and invisible to the eye icon. With the chain symbol levels can be linked together. At the bottom of the screen to find small icons. Here, new layers and layer groups can create, change the order and duplicate layers and delete them.

Special features of the Plains

Have you in choosing the Layers order always the foil example in mind. If your background is at the top, nothing to see other than the background (see also GIMP background transparent). The same applies to elements on levels that can cover. With the opacity setting allows you to set for each level, how visible they should be. At 100%, you can not see through it while you can hardly see anything of you at 1%.

With Show GIMP levels and change is a complex matter &# 8211; read up on the Internet using the terms &# 8220; Alpha channel&# 8221 ;, &# 8220; mode&# 8221; and &Layer groups; # 8220&# 8221 ;. Knowledge of this matter will help you to work more efficiently and to understand the nature of levels better.

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