Install SSD: Step by Step Guide

SSD drives are strongly on the rise lately and are increasingly finding their way into desktop PCs, Macs or notebooks. With the installation of a SSD hard drive, you can miss a huge performance boost his system for a comparatively low price. Find out here how to install an SSD hard drive and set up.

Install SSD: Step by Step Guide

The SSD is now strongly about to replace the time-tested magnetic HDDs. Unlike HDDs that use magnetic disks, data is stored on the SSD flash chops. Especially speaks the shortened access time for the installation of an SSD Festplatte.Das installing the SSD it differs not great from the establishment of a normal HDD. Do you want to install an SSD hard drive in your computer should, bring her the following minimum requirements:

  • Windows 7 or Windows 8 - TRIM function: older versions of Windows are not yet optimized for working with SSD drives, so that there can be a performance hit
  • SATA port on the motherboard, SATA 3 is recommended, ideal is a SATA 6 port
  • Enabled AHCI mode in BIOS
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Install SSD in notebook

Install SSD: Step by Step GuideIf the SSD is installed in a notebook that makes sure that the hardware fits into the device. Here it is advisable to look at the manual or on the manufacturer's side of the notebook manufacturer, or SSD vendor to determine the required dimensions. Usually SSD drives with 7 and 9.5 mm height and 1.8 "or 2.5" size offered. Unlike desktops a notebook can normally only have a built-in hard drive. Do you want one use SSD in notebook, the existing disk must be replaced.

Ensures this, first all data for later access it. The manual of the notebook you should find the necessary information to identify the location of the internal hard disk in order to open properly to the cover. As with the "big" computer to disconnect the device in advance of the SSD installation of electricity is also true. now screwed to the cover of the housing and separates all the existing cables from the built-in hard disk. After removing the old HDD it puts the SSD into the same room and in turn includes all cables. The installation is now successfully completed. When you restart Windows, the hard disk is automatically recognized and you can start reinstalling Windows.

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So you can install an SSD hard drive into the PC

Install SSD: Step by Step GuideIf the SSD to be installed into a computer, the device does not differ from the great replacements a normal hard disk. First, the PC must be disconnected from the power. then open the computer and search for a free hard drive bay. Here, the SSD can be inserted. Usually, the screws required for installation are included with which the disk is attached to the shaft. Sits the plate properly in the housing, it searches for a free electricity. In addition to the power connector to connect to the PC via the motherboard with a SATA connection is made. Since the SSD hard drives are not as sensitive to shocks, such as HDDs, can the panel be placed in an emergency on the case back. This installation should, however, thought out and done at your own risk. If the hard drive is not in the housing and fit the hard drive bay, also can buy an additional mounting frame.

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After installing the SSD

After restarting the computer's hard drive is automatically recognized and can be used immediately. Defragmenting the hard disk is no longer necessary after prolonged use. SSD drives work differently than do the traditional magnetic hard drives. Here are accessed over electronic circuit on the data, while access to the positions of individual data in old HDDs read and write arms. By a defragmentation position change can be kept low by belonging to a file data is stored to contiguous blocks. With SSDs the physical arrangement of data does not affect the reading speed.

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