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Probably the most important factor on which the movie studios to resort these days when it comes to reboot another popular franchise of the old days, is the nostalgia. This word is not only attract viewers to the cinemas, but also be critical to the success of the new edition. The nostalgic feeling is a man inherent, strong emotion that such a project &# 8220; Jurassic World&# 8221; is indispensable. Nostalgia does not require a copy of what is shown once before. Nostalgia is dependent on many elements in the film and which need to hit it.

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In the first minutes of &# 8220; Jurassic World&# 8221; succeeds Director Colin Trevorrow, to meet this feeling exactly. The Jurassic Park is open! What John Hammond wanted to implement once, has become a reality and thousands of visitors flock every day to Isla Nublar. It's a nice idea that with the right images - that want as much as possible to learn more about the primal beings enthusiastic people - and the perfect soundtrack - of course, &# 8220; Jurassic Park&# 8221; theme - is highlighted. even it appears to the viewer like a paradise that you just would like to visit even once. The nostalgia factor works here to the fullest satisfaction and requires us even a smile and maybe even goose bumps from.

Jurassic park-4-Jurassic-world-02A tragedy. © Universal

The establishment of evil does it care of the rest, because the Indominus Rex is introduced as mysteriously while powerful as once the Tyrannosaurus Rex. But at this time the pleasant nostalgic feeling is somehow disappeared, caused by the first figure drawing and - it was to remove the trailers already - the Raptors dressage. Those action points lead to the first stitches, because the Velociraptor simply remains one of the most dangerous creatures in &# 8220; Jurassic Park&# 8221;, which is not so easy to tame franchise. In addition, the first conversation between the two protagonists Owen Grady is full (Chris Pratt) And Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) Only superficial, stupid remarks.

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Owen&# 8217; s Bad Dream

Quickly you realize that the characters in &# 8220; Jurassic World&# 8221; actually be a big problem, because even with the minor characters, it looks similar: pregnant with meaning statements, strange and / or predictable sense changes and characterizations of the genre template. In one might overlook now easy when because that would agree called Dino Action, for which we actually in &# 8220; Jurassic World&# 8221; go. And the attraction is entirely given. If the Indominus Rex escaped once from his enclosure and hunting everything that moves, makes that ensures tension-filled situations that we in &# 8220; Jurassic Park&# 8221; but have loved that.

jurassic-world-poster-02One of the few highlights. © Universal

So it happens that the thrill again ensures a nostalgic feeling and it would remain so even I could &# 8220; Jurassic World&# 8221; regarded as quite successful. But director Colin Trevorrow and his screenwriters ensure periodically that outrageous story twists ruin the whole concept. It starts alone in the motivation of the character of Vincent D&8217; Onofrio and stop with the trials and tribulations of Dino confrontations. At one point, as the Velociraptor dressage problem is wonderfully reversed and gives hope for a reasonable (logical) continuation of the action. But just when one is delighted will pick up again in the old concept, which in turn makes for a absurd Magic Moment Between Chris Pratt and Velociraptor, the dream scene from &# 8220; Jurassic Park 3&# 8243; in no way inferior.

What happened to the cast of Jurassic Park?

&# 8220; Jurassic World&# 8221; is a balancing act that not treading the film to the fullest satisfaction. Successful Story Details ruined the film over and over again on their own, by undermining them or made ridiculous by the figures. There are certainly one or the other scenes, the true, the &# 8220; Jurassic Park&# 8221; resurrect feeling. Had they held it, would &# 8220; Jurassic World&# 8221; become precisely the nostalgia movie I had so hoped for.


&# 8220; Jurassic World&# 8221; is by far not a bad film. No, it's the word &# 8220; shame&# 8221 ;, which unfortunately fits best here. The film is great fun partly genuine, but boycotted in many places turn itself. The adaptation to modernity operates in a manner limited.



294JURASSIC WORLD Trailer German German & Criticism Review 2015

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