What is Windows 10 S? And what are the differences to the normal Windows 10?

Microsoft launched the Windows version presented 10 S. What is it, what features it has and how the differences to the normal Windows look 10, we will tell you here.

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  • Where can I download Windows 10 S?

What is Windows 10 S?

Windows S is a light version of Windows 10, which is thus reduced to certain basic functions. Previously it was known under the name Cloud 10 Windows, Microsoft has now been renamed 10 S in Windows.

Main differences to Windows 10:

  • On Windows 10 S only apps from the Windows Store any programs using EXE files and no other apps can be installed.
  • The default browser is Edge. It can not use a third-party browser (Firefox or Chrome).
  • The default search engine is Bing and can not be changed.
  • For the reason you want Windows to 10 S and (some) run faster than Windows 10 because only run Microsoft approved apps on it.
  • Other desktop wallpaper (download).
Windows 10 S can be distinguished on the basis of the background image.Windows 10 S can be distinguished on the basis of the background image.

Microsoft explains the restriction to the Windows Store that this would be particularly suitable for schools, as there already specific security guidelines, such as the blocking of self-installed software by the students. Those who still tries to install other software, can not and will receive a warning and a counter-proposal for a Windows Store app.

Thus, the establishment of countless notebooks or PCs would be pretty easy because you have to prepare a USB key only, which you then plugging to other computers to be configured automatically.

Windows S opens when clicking on a link always Edge with Bing. Those who do not want the link must laboriously in the favorite browser (provided that it can be installed through the store) data copy and submit it there. For a search in Google extracting the web page must be opened in www.google.de Edge browser before.

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Economically, Windows 10 S is a competitor to Google's Chrome OS. Provided that there will be enough app developers for the Windows Store, Windows 10 S is a serious competitor for Google.

Start Photogallery(5 pictures)install the .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 10

What Windows 10 running south?

Windows 10 S not only runs on entry-level devices, but also on ordinary PCs, for example, to:

  • Surface laptop
  • Surface Book
  • Surface Pro 4

Windows 10 S will therefore most likely pre-installed on many PCs. If users then want to install their own software away from the stores, an upgrade would be required.

Who can Windows 10 S download?

  • Schools, universities and other educational institutions can download for free if they are already using Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 S.
  • An update from Windows 10 to Windows 10 S Pro costs $ 50.

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