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LEGO Star Wars: The Awakening of power also gets Star Wars Episode 7 his own Versoftung donated in LEGO look. With Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren you play after the events of the film, thereby turning even the same number of achievements and trophies. We show you in this guide, the list of achievements and their activation conditions.

LEGO Star Wars: The Awakening buy now in power!*

As of June 28, 2016 you are allowed on consoles of the past and current generation and the PC deny new adventure in LEGO Star Wars universe and re-enact the events of the last movie with the usual dose of humor. Which Achievements and Trophies can get hold of it, we show you below.

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Lego Star Wars &# 8211; The awakening of Power: achievements and trophies Overview

Overall, you can in the game 49 Achievements (50 trophies on the PlayStation) earn. There are about Achievements, if you completed certain level with certain heroes combinations and so defeated his grandfather Darth Vader as with Kylo Ren. Or let Han Solo enter her together with Chewie their beloved Millennium Falcon.

Lego Star Wars The awakening-the-power-successes trophies banner

All achievements and trophies with their activation conditions you see in the following table.

the-wake-the-makingThe awakening of power-platinum
Switches all trophies
I-get-you-getI'm coming to get you!gamer core 20bronze
Finished DEDM-Chapter 1 &# 8211; "Attack on Jakku"
gheim-at-me-alsoSecret? Me too.gamer core 20bronze
Finished DEDM-Chapter 2 &# 8211; "Escape from the Finalizer"
the-scrap-tuts-wellThe scrap does&# 8217; s alsogamer core 20bronze
Finished DEDM-Chapter 3 &# 8211; "Niima outpost"
when-was-the-second timesWhen was the second time?gamer core 20bronze
Finished DEDM chapter 4 &# 8211; "The Eravana"
one-man-of-run-wantA man who wants to run awaygamer core 20bronze
Finished DEDM-Chapter 5 &# 8211; "Maz&8217; Lock"
do not worryDo not worry!gamer core 20bronze
Finished DEDM-Chapter 6 &# 8211; "Attack on Takodana"
the-tell-me-you-better-notThe not I tell you deargamer core 20bronze
Finished DEDM-Chapter 7 &# 8211; "The resistance"
there-a-waste shaftGives&# 8217; s a garbage chute?gamer core 20bronze
Finished DEDM chapter 8 &# 8211; "Starkiller sabotage"
any-quantity-explosive chargesLots of explosivesgamer core 20bronze
Finished DEDM Chapter 9 &# 8211; "Starkiller base destroy"
it belongs to meIt belongs to me!gamer core 20bronze
Finished DEDM-Chapter 10 &# 8211; "The final"
speechlessSpeechlessgamer core 20bronze
Finished Lukes Island
a long time agoA long time ago&# 8230;gamer core 20bronze
Completed "The Battle of Endor"
say-never-as-the-opportunity-standnever tell how the odds aregamer core 20bronze
Finished "Poe, the Savior"
on-my-travel-much-seenseen a lot in my travelsgamer core 20bronze
Finished "Lor San Tekkas return"
I had-times-more-peopleI used to have more peoplegamer core 20bronze
Finished "Rathtarenjagd"
crimson-korsarcrimson Corsairgamer core 20bronze
Completed "The Red Raiders"
looking-her-maybe-to-meYou seek perhaps after me?gamer core 20bronze
Finished "anger at Taul"
a trapA trap!gamer core 20bronze
Finished "Ottegan attack"
it-was-a-wakeThere was an awakening&# 8230;gamerscore-40gold
Closed "The awakening of power"
it is-true-just-everythingIt's true. Just everything&# 8230;gamerscore-40gold
Ends the new adventure of STAR WARS
the-makes-you-call-for-youThe power, calling for yougamer core 20bronze
Reached a level "True Jedi"
just-a-scrap collectorOnly a scrap collectorgamer core 20bronze
Collects in a level all Minikits
I-fly-everythingI fly allgamerscore-40silver
Collect all mini-kits in the game
forget've learned-what-you-Forget what you've learnedgamer core 20bronze
Building a selection model on new
They shoot-to-us-bothThey shoot at us both!gamer core 20bronze
Ends a blaster battle
I-did-it-caughtI got him!gamerscore-30bronze
Ends a blaster battle without dying
be-the-first-order-bowbend of the first ordergamer core 20bronze
Complete all missions for the first order
ne-large-number-resistant in-&# 8216; Ne large number when resistancegamer core 20bronze
Complete all missions for the resistance
dead-benefits-he-me-notTot he does not help megamerscore-30silver
Complete all Bounty missions
less-than-12-parsecLess than 12 parsecsgamerscore-30silver
Complete all races
60-rations60 rations!gamerscore-30silver
Complete all missions scrap collectors
the-power-is-much-in-youThe Force is strong in yougamerscore-70gold
Achieved 100%
red onered Leadergamerscore-30silver
Buys all red stones
crypto surgeoncrypto surgeongamer core 10bronze
Created its own character
the-new-jedi-raise-upThe new Jedi risegamerscore-30silver
Will in all levels "True Jedi"
we-need-gainWe need support!gamer core 10bronze
Defeat 50 stormtroopers
expectant-not-cockyDo not get cocky!gamer core 10bronze
Defeat 100 TIE fighter
I-like-the-wookieI like the Wookiee&# 8230;gamer core 10bronze
Completed a level playing outdoors than Maz Kanata and Chewbacca
hey-the-heard-miiiiiirHey! This is part miiiiiir!gamer core 10bronze
Play as Unkar plutt in Millennium Falcon
quickly shotQuick shotgamer core 10bronze
Defeated as Han Solo in a blaster battle an enemy who is preparing an attack
not-the-droid-to-your-examinedNot the droid, whom you seekgamer core 10bronze
Used an access panel as the wrong Droidentyp
traitorTraitor!gamer core 10bronze
Defeated Finn as FN-2199
familyreunionfamilyreuniongamer core 10bronze
Plays with Kylo Ren and Han Solo in your team
show-you-my-grandfatherShow it to me, Grandfathergamer core 10bronze
Defeat Kylo Ren as Darth Vader
stop-Kylo-timestop&# 8230;&# 8230 ;. Kylo Time!gamer core 10bronze
Used as Kylo Ren power-stasis on a different character
something-small-for-the-strumtruppenA little small for the stormtroopersgamer core 10bronze
Uses a helmet machine to set up a small minifigure a stormtrooper helmet
Is there anything elseIs there anything else?gamer core 10bronze
Destroyed as Kylo Ren all the items in Starkiller, blade control
chewie-we-are-at homeChewie, we're homegamer core 10bronze
Play as Han Solo (classic) and Chewbacca in the Millennium Falcon
Sturmtruppen syndromeStormtrooper syndromegamer core 10bronze
Passed 10 times your goal in a battle Blaster

LEGO Star Wars: The Awakening of power in the preview

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