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With IMAGE Plus their access have on several additional products in the website of the newspaper. With the additional Bundesliga package you also summaries of the Bundesliga can a short time after the game watch online in the stream. Have you lost interest in the additional offers, you must terminate their IMAGE Plus.

IMAGE plus announce: how it works online or with smartphone and tabletSource: Business woman via Shutterstock

The PICTURE Plus subscription costs € 0.99 for the first month. After the first month you pay € 4.99 for the standard package. The PICTURE Plus premium subscription costs 9.99 € per month.

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IMAGE plus announce: Online browser

  • The term of IMAGE Plus each a month.
  • In absence of termination, your subscription extended by another month.
  • The deadline for cancellation is 7 days before the respective monthly subscription term.
  • Who takes the free 7-day trial of IMAGE Plus as part of the BILD app downloads to complete, does not have to announce themselves. The Trial ends automatically.

The termination of IMAGE Plus is online possible in the account.

  1. Log in with your IMAGE Plus account.
  2. Controls the section "My Account" at.
  3. Select the option "My Products".
  4. There you will find the appropriate button with which you can exit the IMAGE Plus subscription.
image plus-HeraldScreenshot: Image Plus

terminate IMAGE plus: how it works with Android, iPhone and Co.

Also on the BILD app for Android and iPhone you can cancel at BILD Plus:

  1. controls "Settings" and select "My Account".
  2. Here you will find the button "My account & Abo ".
  3. About "To Google Account" or "For iTunes subscription management".
  4. Now you can also select the appropriate option to end your IMAGE Plus subscription.

Who uses IMAGE Plus on Windows Phone, unfortunately, can not terminate the app, but must take the path through the website. Have you subscribed to IMAGE in the printed form, you stands IMAGE Plus for free. Here we need only notice if you do not want to access the Bundesliga content online on. Of course, the "normal" IMAGE SUBSCRIPTION then continues as usual.

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