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Experience with business simulation The Guild 2 the economic intricacies of the 15th century and build you with skill, talent, faith and bribery a dynasty.

Choose in The Guild 2 one of many available jobs and try you, for example, as a craftsman, scholar or dealer. Buy your resources low one, sell your products expensive strings and purchased you a citizen to take over official posts in the municipal administration.

Multiply by legal or illegal actions your influence, let to the nobles do support the church and going through good- or less good deeds to one of the most influential people of the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance following.

The free download provided demo for The Guild 2 includes the tutorial and a game year with all four seasons.

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    Introduction The Guild 2 is a real-time management game in which you establish a medieval guilds dynasty with the help of role-playing components in different ways and can lead to success. With a total of 11 cards, the game includes a ...


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