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For the Mozilla Firefox a whole range of add-ons can be downloaded that must be, however, then added to the browser only manually. As you accomplished this, you can read the following tutorial.

If you have you chosen to download one of the many extensions available for the browser Mozilla Firefox, a file with the extension XPI on your hard drive is stored. This you have to now add the Firefox download to use the respective add-on. Unfortunately, this is accessed by double-clicking the downloaded file does not often readily possible. However, Firefox itself has to load XPI files into the program, and to install the respective extension option. to this Install Firefox Add-ons manually must perform, execute it, only the following steps:

Install Firefox Add-ons manually file browserTo manually you open a Firefox add-on file

Install Firefox Add-ons manually - looking for Enlargement and open

In order to perform install Firefox add-ons manually selected first in the "Firefox" menu the "New Tab" and opens its submenu by you hover your mouse over the arrow at the right of the entry. Now click on the "File Open" (an alternative to using the mouse, you can also press "Ctrl + O" key). In both cases, a file browser in which you now the XPI file that you downloaded, studied and then marked opens (the file is usually in Firefox download directory that you in doubt to "Settings" and "General" you can see.). now operates the "Open" button.

Install Firefox Add-ons manually submitConfirm the installation to add an add-on to the FirefoxStart Photogallery(23 images)"Porn mode" on the smartphone: Surf safe and clean on the Web

Install Firefox Add-ons manually - confirm and complete the process

a window that your confirmation to install the add-ons will appear next (in this example is the Firefox Adblock Plus) requests. Pressed her button "Install Now", the extension will be added to Firefox. If necessary, the browser needs to be restarted then what you once again asks the browser in this case for confirmation.

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