Tinder delete and unsubscribe: Get rid of the account

Dating apps like Tinder have for many become the first port of call when it comes to finding new love or a quick adventure. If you will not find it at Tinder or love luck finally imagines at his side, should delete his account at Tinder. We tell you how you can unsubscribe you from the dating app.

In contrast to most other dating apps Tinder requires connecting with Facebook. To delete your own account permanently, it is not enough to simply delete the app from your Android smartphone or the iPhone. The connection to Facebook is retained in the event of removal. But what is the difference between deleting app and delete account at Tinder?

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Delete Tinder: Step-by-Step Guide

So you go in front, if you want your account to permanently delete at Tinder:

Tinder delete and unsubscribe: Get rid of the account

  1. Starts Tinder app on Android or iOS.
  2. Activates the app settings via the gear icon and scroll down here to the bottom.
  3. Here, the button is "Delete account".
  4. Selects it and acknowledged the query to perform the deletion of the profile.

The created Tinder profile has been deleted successfully. At the same time the link was disconnected with the Facebook profile. Now you can delete the app from your phone and put an end to dating and bustle.

Tinder also the paid subscription offers Tinder Plus, with the you have more Super Likes available, their free choice of location or you can make your last match decision reversed. You are a premium member at Tinder, learn it in the linked article, as you your terminate Tinder-Plus SUBSCRIPTION can.

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Tinder completely log out and delete connection to Facebook

Do you want to check if you were logged on Facebook Share Tinder, your Facebook profile will open in the browser or in the app:

  1. Also controls here settings at. You'll find them at the three bars in the Facebook app (Android top right, iOS bottom right).
  2. Navigates to the point Account Settings.
  3. Typed the menu item Apps at.
  4. Now can be found at logged in with Facebook all applications that your current Facebook profile is linked.
  5. Searches the Apps for the entry Tinder. Quickly can this carry on the appropriate search field top right.
  6. Becomes Tinder not found, the connection has already been disconnected from the Facebook profile. Tinder emerged, however, on the icon clicks.
  7. In the new window you can now down beside the to save-Button option Remove app Find.
  8. Click on the button to completely unsubscribe you from Tinder.

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With us you learn also how much will it cost for Tinder Plus and how you can behave when letter about Tinder you.

Tinder unsubscribe - what happens to the matches?

If her App only uninstalls, Remember your matches and your profile for the former love interests visible - in short, nothing happens. For your Likes are tied to your Tinder account, as confirmed Tinder via Twitter:

Only when you your account logs off Tinder (Described above), the data is deleted and your matches disappearing. Your disappears in the contact list of your matches, which you can not write in the chat.

At the moment there is no way to restore a deleted Tinder account.

Have you found an alternative to Tinder or your great love? Or are you tired of online dating easy? Leave us your experiences in the comments.


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