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Although traditionally, the FIFA series to a number of licenses and thus many available teams, but some important clubs missing yet to z. As to be able to play a proper Champions League or even the third League in FIFA. In recent years, FIFA player could make do with the Creation Center. But what about the Creation Center in FIFA 16 look like?

About the Creation Center own players, teams and leagues could easily put together in the browser and then be imported later in the game as additional content. Own content could be made available within the community. So you had to not bother even to create new teams like Dynamo Dresden, Dinamo Zagreb or the Ghanaian national team in complicated detail work, but was able to download the content from other already completed with the Creation Center.

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FIFA 16: Creation Center deleted - even with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Already last FIFA season there was a severe damper for football fans. The FIFA Producer Sebastien Enrique confirmed that the Creation Center can not work with the new FIFA engine "Ignite". In addition, there were more technical programming conflicts with the new console generations. For this reason the Creation Center has been in FIFA 15 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC not implemented.


This year, owners of the old-gen consoles now have to do without the Creation Center. How EA Sports announced a few weeks ago, some features for FIFA 16 in the PS3 / Xbox 360 version has been removed, this addition to its own crowd chants or the FIFA Interactive World Cup includes the Creation Center. For FIFA 15 Creation Center that is still available.

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FIFA 16 Creation Center to create their own teams

Only for PC gamers, there is an equivalent substitute for the Creation Center. In web habitat Moddingway is eager modders and crafters along that supply the FIFA matches regularly with new content and all leagues. There you will find z. As official merchandise for national teams, where the bodice are not licensed, the Champions League or even the third League for download. one must reckon with appropriate content for FIFA 16th

FIFA 16: Creation Center to create your own teams and leagues - there's this?

Even if you is not to cheer, we show you how to make the new scoring a goal in FIFA 16th In addition, you will find the best goalkeeper in the overview here.

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