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Bless is a Free2Play MMORPG from Korea, focused by means of two fractions on the fight realm vs realm. It goes into epic battles with several hundreds of players simultaneously high here.


8 classes, 10 races and the two factions Unión and Hiero Bless should offer something for every taste. Similar to Black Desert online MMORPG which shows off in the first trailer and screenshots with impressive graphics, which can not least suggest that the story and the content will remain a little behind.

Since it belongs in Korea also de rigueur to sell grind as a feature of MMORPGs, there might be some problems in going to the port for Europe.

The peoples and classes of Bless
Group UniónGroup Hieroclasses
Aqua ElfSylvan ElfBerserker

The classes are almost genre standard, but play very dynamically thanks to the PvP Fokusses all. In the races the situation is similar: two races, two elves, two Feline and 4 more something more individual nations.

Of course you can continue dungeons and raids with friends or guild dispute. Here, however, you should always be on guard against enemy players who might just have the same goal as you are and you then possibly superior to the instance at the entrance.

Also there are various cut scenes, which are already available on YouTube and make the quests a little more alive.


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