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Read MP3 player with freely definable Auto functions, MP3 Tag / write and more.

MPlayer is a media player that can play almost any file through 192 supplied video and 85 audio codecs that you can open with him. Also, the player supports the DVB (Digital Video Broadcast), which is used in digital TV transmission via satellite, cable and DVB-T.

Demolition of the capabilities of the MPlayer

MPlayer does not need any installation and can be controlled with various graphic surfaces more convenient than using the command line, which is also possible. In conjunction with that resulting from the same project MEncoder, MPlayer can use it as a converter for audio and video files. The ability MP3 tags to read and write brings MPlayer contrast with itself.

For a better overview when working MPlayer can be minimized to the tray and use with user-definable Auto features. With their help it is possible for example to shut down the computer after four mock songs.

MPlayer video

As a particularly handy also proving to the adjustable track priority. This makes it possible for instance to play their own favorite songs more often than other songs. MPlayer has to be also view an expanded directory tree to direct an adjustable music directory. Besides the possibility to integrate the player into the system can be in the Explorer music files opened with a double &# 8211; of course also drag and drop is implemented.

Further setting there at the volume, play speed and built-in Smooth fading. Using the Smooth fading to soft transitions can make the position change.

Conclusion: MPlayer provides all functions that have a media player needs, and in addition it is free &# 8211; So clear recommendation.

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