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The television at Easter holds actually for each one of the highlights ready and this year Downton Abbey fans are as well served. 3Sat shows you a live stream & TV namely the first five episodes of the second season in a row. You can on TV & Online watch at 27.03. 2:20 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. &# 8211; Downton Abbey nonstop. 

Downton Abbey stream now via MagineTV*

The news about the launch of the sixth season of Downton Abbey are doing the rounds on the start date of the fifth season on free TV is still waiting. People with a Sky subscription *Downton Abbey & Stream TV in today 3Sat five episodes from 14:20 are once again a clear advantage and can indulge in peace enjoying the series. On Easter Sunday, you can also as a normal TV consumers feel sometimes like a Sky customer and indulge in non-stop of a series. Five episodes at a time on free TV &# 8211; for fans a real gift, right?

Downton Abbey in the live stream & TV on 3Sat from 14:20 on Easter Sunday

To add to the series fun you, you must simply turn your TV only. But even if you have no TV connection or no TV, it does not automatically empty. If you have an internet access is available, you can easily use a TV streaming provider. MagineTV is a fair service that allows you to receive all public and various private channels. You can supply the current three months for the price of one * test.

downtown Abbey stream at 3 sat Easter Sunday(C) Nick Briggs / Carnival Films 2014 for MASTERPIECE

Downton Abbey &# 8211; Season 2, the first 5 episodes on TV

The series is from the UK, the production of the second season is from the year 2011. The plot of the series extends over a longer period, starting in 1916 until the year 1919/1920. To kick off the second season of Matthew and William have to the front. Overall, the second season includes nine episodes currently Downton Abbey comes to 52 episodes in six seasons. The final plays in 1925 and all episodes of the sixth season will be available from April 16 to call on Sky *Downton Abbey & Stream TV in today 3Sat five episodes from 14:20.

Today you can see the following five episodes on free TV:

  • Wartime from 14:20
  • Hope for Mary from 15:25
  • The hospital at 16:20
  • Bates returned from 17:15
  • Till death do you part from 18:05

Here's the trailer for the final season:7061Downton Abbey Series 6 Finale

Images: (C) Nick Briggs / Carnival Films 2014 for MASTERPIECE

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