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In Instagram you can now also live video stream and send in this way up to an hour long video live Instagram stories and share them with your friends. We tell you how it works and how their streams and sent the Instagram video.

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Instagram originally started as an app with which you can transfer photos to share online, for some time, the service but is moving more and more towards video platform. Here, Instagram gets its inspiration from various models. The Instagram Snapchat Stories was the obvious example, the recently launched Instagram Live likely to turn Facebook Pate have confessed that some time has with Facebook Live a similar feature.

Today we present two exciting updates for Instagram before, which allow you to share content even more spontaneous and simple: live video in Instagram stories and self-extinguishing photos and videos to Instagram Direct. With live video in Instagram Stories you can connect with your friends and followers you immediately. The live videos are very easy to use: Wipe easy to feed to the right to open the camera, tap "Start Live Video" button and you can have up to an hour to share content. Your friends will receive a notification when you send live so they can track your content. If you send live, you can attach a visible for all comment on or off the comments. Your live story immediately disappears from the app when you're done, so you can easily share everything at any time. When someone you're subscribed to, start a live video, you see the message "Live" with his or her profile photo stories Bar. During the transfer, you can comment freely and mark it with "like" the content. In addition, you can discover new live video in Explore. Tap the "Best Live Video" to view exciting, current live video. Live video in Instagram stories and Explore will be introduced globally in the coming weeks. For more information about the new updates can be found under

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send videos with Instagram: Instagram Live in Germany

Instagram Live is part of Instagram stories, but is used as a standalone feature. Say: This is a stand-alone format that can not be combined with the Instagram stories too. In addition, the Sun streamed videos &# 8211; unlike Facebook &# 8211; not saved after streaming and can not be shared with friends. The app states: &# 8220; your live story immediately disappears from the app when you're done so that you can share everything easily at any time&# 8221 ;.

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Instagram Screenshot: Who really sees the notification?

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  • Instagram Screenshot: Who really sees the notification?

Instagram Live: video streaming on Android and iOS &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

Instagram Live basically works fairly straightforward &# 8211; the feature is now available on Android and iOS is available, you reach the function via the central Instagram feed, in which your photos are stored.

Instagram LiveAbout the Feed you reach the new live feature.
  1. Wipes to right to open the story camera from the feed out.
  2. then types in the bar at the bottom live.
  3. Now you just once more on the button &Start live video; # 8220&# 8221; tap to activate Instagram Live.

If the video starts, your friends and followers receive a notification and can comment or post directly to a Mark Like me. Of course you can also comment on live video when a friend of yours is online. In this case, the icon will appear under their profile picture in the story bar &Live, 8220&# 8221 ;. Now you can turn on instantly see the current transmission and of course liken the video and comment.

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