Lovoo: Verification not perform possible? This can be done

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Lovoo is currently the most popular app when it comes to flirting, to get a date and find dates or affairs. To prevent the Love app is flooded with fakes, can be verified his profile. Here you learn how Lovoo verification work.

Lovoo: Verification not perform possible? This can be done

We also advice with tips if the verification at Lovoo not work.

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Verification at Lovoo perform: How to&# 8217; s

As fast as one can find people on the Internet, so it easy to upload fake photos, or to take on fake profiles. So that you really find your soul mate at Lovoo and not you have to give empty promises, a profile on Lovoo can be verified. Through the verification is confirmed that a person who is seen in the pictures, actually behind the profile. Already tested profiles are provided on the profile picture with a blue "Verified" seal. In order to use the app verification is of course not necessary. Even without a confirmed profile all functions can be used accordingly access. However, it gives more confidence to other users when your opposite know that there are actually the person writes, which can be seen on a photo. Many users also use the setting only &Verified; # 8220&# 8221; to be written -Usern or called.

Lovoo: Verification not perform possible? This can be done

  • Before the profile can be verified, the registered e-mail address must be confirmed.
  • now opens the Lovoo app.
  • Controlled via the button in the upper left corner of the menu.
  • Selects here "verify Profile" and follow the instructions.
  • Also on the PC a Lovoo verification is possible.
  • Login you one on the website with your user data.
  • Click your profile picture at the top right.
  • Click on the button "Verify Now" and follow the instructions.

In order for the operator of the dating portal can verify the authenticity of your profile picture, you need a camera, a pen and a sheet of paper. Writes on the paper your user name you used when Lovoo. In addition, you have to write on the sheet a code that you get displayed after the above steps. Take the sheet with the specified information in hand and photographed you so that the written information and your face are clearly visible in the photo. The photo you send now from the app, or online in the browser from, so that the verification is performed.

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Lovoo: not possible verification? Troubleshooting

In some cases, it may happen that the Lovoo verification is not working or is rejected.

  • Note that verification is only possible once the e-mail address has been confirmed in advance.
  • Should a verification of the app does not work, try it via the browser.
  • Alternatively, you should of course use the Lovoo app for confirmation if the browser does not work.
  • the code or your username on the requested list may not or not correct. Checks your picture for profile control.
  • also ensures that your face is clearly visible. Vague or ambiguous images are rejected by the operators.
  • Possibly, the Lovoo server is down or your smartphone, or PC has no Internet connection, so that the image can not be uploaded. Tried verification at a later time.
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  • If you are sure to meet all the criteria described above and no connection problems are evident, contact the support of the dating app if Lovoo verification does not work or is rejected.

Lovoo: Verification not perform possible? This can be done

We tell you also what actually these are Lovoo matches. In addition, you learn with us. As you can get in Lovoo credits and as you also can get a free Lovoo VIP code. Who would not want to use the dating site, can quench his Lovoo account.

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