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The popular Dino franchise &# 8220; Jurassic Park&# 8221; breaks currently in the cinema and all records &# 8220; Jurassic World&# 8221; has enjoyed the most successful film ever start. All dinosaur fans can experience the evening again as the birth of the franchise in 1993 looked today. RTL 2 show yourselves at 20:15 namely the first part of Steven Spielberg! All about &# 8220; Jurassic Park &# 8220; and the live stream can be found here.

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Jurassic Park in the live stream

The transmitter RTL 2 rejoice today Friday at 20:15 and its attractive Dino Adventure  &# 8220; Jurassic Park&# 8221;. The free live stream * the film can be found here:

Click here for the RTL 2 Live Stream*

This link will take you to the TV streaming provider Magine, you come in which to enjoy the public broadcaster, but you also have access to all the private channels and some pay TV channels. Magine you can test completely for 30 days, but after that you have to book additional packages to further the private or pay-TV channels to empfangen.Vergessene World: Jurassic Park 2 - info & Live Stream

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Jurassic Park &# 8211; All info

The multi-billionaire John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) Has on the Pacific island Isla Nublar fulfilled a childhood dream and opened a special leisure park. nature is to be a bargain struck in the heavenly place, because none other than a herd of dinosaurs to the biggest attraction of &# 8220; Jurassic Park&# 8221; represent. But the project is not as easy as imagined and soon runs the venture out of hand. The prehistoric Urviecher are not very suitable as a zoo inhabitants, whatever chaos researcher Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) Must quickly find&# 8230;

What happened to the cast of Jurassic Park?

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With &# 8220; Jurassic Park&# 8221; succeeded director Steven Spielberg In 1993, a milestone of popular entertainment cinema. The film adaptation of a novel by Michael Crichton played worldwide over 900 million dollars and was therefore of the date of the most successful film of all time. Of course, followed by other spectacular sequels as &# 8220; The Lost World: Jurassic Park 2&# 8243; and the current, now fifth part &# 8220; Jurassic World&# 8221 ;. At the most charming and ultimately are most successful and but the first two parts of stay &# 8220; Jurassic Park&# 8221 ;, all of which are now no less than can be described as modern classics and their sighting is still worth in the zigtsen repetition.


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