Virtual gallop play – November 2017 – GIGA

Virtual gallop &# 8211; the name is program. In this free browser game budding horse-whisperer and those who want it will come at your expense.

In the exciting world of Gallop racing you base your own stable and are responsible for all corporate matters. Recruitment of staff as jockeys and stable boys, and the purchase of horses are just some of your tasks. You have full responsibility for your horses and also for your staff.

At the horse market you can find everything from leached Gaul, who has long drawn only his life a plow, to the high-bred and trained by Arabs. If you buy a new horse, you need to ensure that your staff trained conscientiously accepts the training and care so quickly Derby favorite is out of your investment. Sometimes the staff also holiday or a pay rise needs so that it can not hang you. Furthermore, you can build new buildings to expand your stud and secure your success.

What would be a horse racing game without betting? Become the best bookmakers for miles around, bets lock up on your horse or your competitors and invest the money earned in your stable, so you do bet only on your own horses soon.

In the exchange with other team owners you experience regularly, what you can improve on your own yet. If you want, you can also create alliances to increase your efficiency. The choice is yours. So saddled and go&# 8217; s. All you need is a modern browser and the Adobe Flash Player.

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