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If there is a true classic in building strategy genre, then he must have &# 8220; The Settlers&# 8221; be called. Like no other PC game, the economic simulation written by Volker Wertich has shaped the genre. Since 1993, the Germans look after their goods cycles, gain military dominance, producing bricks and wooden boards and defend their castle. With &# 8220; The Settlers Online&# 8221; the design classic has now brought a new generation closer: &# 8220; The Settlers Online&# 8221; brings the charming Wuselgemeinde for free on your browser.

20698The Settlers Online: gameplay trailer

The Settlers Online free to play!*

The Settlers Online: Almost too beautiful for a browser game

The principle of The Settlers Online has remained the same: It still applies of its own castle to build houses and roads, to develop settlements and to build magnificent cities and entire kingdoms later. It is and remains incredibly important to always keep a watchful eye on the needs of citizens and by careful use of the existing resources to ensure the prosperity of the settlement and to expand your limits constantly, on that one day, the largest and most prosperous kingdom in the world calls his own.

The Settlers Online: Every beginning is difficult, but know the settlers veterans already everythingThe Settlers Online: Every beginning is difficult, but know the settlers veterans already everything.

Developers BlueByte has been clearly a lot of effort in porting Wuselei in a flash-based browser game. The a Free Browser Game unusual effort and attention to detail, which in The Settlers Online float, brought the strategy game in 2011 then the German Computer Game Award on.

Features at a glance

  • Classic settlers principle in a new guise
  • Quest adventure based system with special rewards
  • Graphical presentation in funny 2D style known from The Settlers 7 optics
  • Exploring the map and search for new raw material deposits
  • Guild mode for the merger with other players

The Settlers Online runs in the browser and Flash-based, a current Flash player is thus required.

Hardworking settlers can look forward to beautiful cities.The Settlers Online: Industrious settlers can look forward to beautiful cities.

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  • The Settlers Online The Settlers Online: gameplay trailer