divide the screen – These tools to do it!

Sometimes you would like to share the screen to be able to explain distant friends live a little. Some programs offer this feature. We have compiled a few tips for you.

Who wants to share a screen that has to different reasons. Sometimes you want to, for example, Showing something on his laptop monitor while leading a videoconference. In other cases, it is primarily to support and help-seekers would show his friend liked directly what it is. For such purposes, there are different programs that we want to present you below.

20096Skype: The most important features

share with Skype screen

That with Skype Chat, call, and can videoconference even, you know it probably is. But Skype can also be a split screen! This feature is called there screen sharing. You may be able to call during a call to see the other side your screen. In this way you can share the view of a screen and when the transmission quality is good enough, they even enough to read from small printed text.

screen-sharing-skypeshare screen in Skype: screen transfer

So you can divide the screen into Skype:

  1. Launches Skype and call on your interlocutor.
  2. Once the comparison has decreased, you click the top of the call menu on screen sharing.

Now you can see the screen, which you shared with him your conversation partner. He has no access to it and can not control the mouse. If you will not have to share the screen, click on the menu Call on Stop screen sharing.

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share with remote control software screen

The second method by which you can share a screen that gives the other hand the same access to your computer. Here, no communication takes place, so that their phone is usually in parallel with the link partner. Such programs are usually for remote service and support. With tools such as AnyDesk or TeamViewer two computers on the Internet are connected. Here, then gets the "caller" in control of the computer of the person called. This method is not only a screen can be divided, but you can give direct assistance.

screen sharing anydeskEven with AnyDesk can be sharing a screen

Such programs are easy to use and are also suitable for computer laymen. Each participant invites the small, portable program file and start the program. Each unique ID is informed that he can now pass on.

is divided always the screen of the "called party". So one of them is the ID of the other in the connection window and sees shortly after its screen. And not only that, he can also move the mouse, launch programs, and make keystrokes. Thus, the two connection partners can not only share a screen, but even work together.

When it comes to pure presentation of a screen, then the method of screen transfer is certainly better suited by Skype. Especially since you can also parallel and in the same program talk to each other. Someone needs help and it will actually take place, access from a distance, then the remote access software is worth. Note: When choosing the tool must always take into account the task.

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