Smartphone slow? This can significantly speed up Android

Runs your Android smartphone unusually slow? This could be due to the Accessibility settings, like a reddit user has found. We declare the function in detail and also how you turn it, and thus can miss a performance boost your unit may.

Smartphone slow? This can significantly speed up Android

The so-called Prediction permission, applications can access the contents of the screen and capture notifications. The authorization is actually intended to help people with visual impairment by read by accessing, for example, contents or automate various actions or can be greatly simplified. But many Android apps use those interface also to provide functions that are not provided by Android. applications such as

  • Push Bullet (for mirroring notifications until Android 4.2, after which the option can be disabled without restrictions)
  • Nova Launcher (for gestures)
  • Greenify (for automated applications to close without root)
  • LastPass (for automated password entry)
  • (Almost) reflects any application that alerts them to other devices

therefore need access to the Accessibility authorization. This is of course a workaround, so to be able to provide a detour around certain features, but not officially provided by Google way.

However, this workaround has a negative effect on the performance of the devices, now has found a reddit users: The more apps to access the Accessibility Interface, the more that seems to affect the performance of the system. So reports a Moto G users in the cited thread that he could watch after the withdrawal to the interface of five apps a significant perfomance gains. To a lesser extent we can confirm this observation.

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In the settings can be extracted from the input help apps access. For most devices, the entry "Accessibility" is and is one of the last points to be found in the options. Some Android smartphones and tablets is the appropriate setting "Accessibility". Of course, it is important to consider whether you want to continue to use the functions of each app or prefer to dispense with the features and receives any improved performance on that device.

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