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Those who want to build a website that you want to stand out from others, uses parallax scrolling. Parallax scrolling is based on the principle of motion parallax. If an object moves in one direction at a certain speed, simultaneously moves a second object at a different speed in the other direction. implemented on websites, this means that graphics change when scrolling on the website its position - it but not in the foreseeable upward direction nor in the scrolling speed.

Parallax Scrolling tutorials and examples: Web pages with a difference

move individual sections of a web page at a different rate, the reader a sense of depth is created, similar to while looking out the window while driving. Here nearby objects appear to move faster than distant objects. Within the web design of this effect is called parallax scrolling.

Parallax Scrolling Tutorials: The Better scrolling websites

Pioneer in the introduction of the Parallax Scrollings on websites is the US sporting goods manufacturer Nike, which put on the website of Nike Better World 2011 on parallax scrolling.

the use of the design element through the use of HTML 5 and CSS 3, which new possibilities in building Parallax Scrolling offered sites was favored. Will you yourself create Parallax scrolling pages, cast a glance at the following tutorials:

  • PHP diary: In PHP diary you will find an extensive and illustrated instructions for creating Parallax scrolling effects. In this case, except jQuery Framework accessed no other aids.
  • Tympanus: This Parallax Scrolling tutorial explains how to can be assembled using CSS3 a slideshow including parallax elements.
  • Egstudio: newcomers to the parallax matter should take a look at the tutorial at Egstudio. Here, too, working with jQuery.
  • Ihatetomates: In the blog by Petr Tichy you can find some sample files to download and you can look at his work in a demo. All steps for creating a Parallax site are explained in detail here.
parallax-scrolling tutorialbuild their own Parallax Scrolling pages &# 8211; with tutorials no problem (Source:

Impressive examples for Parallax Scrolling

Incentive to develop your own Parallax scrolling web page, you will find in the following examples:

  • Ala: The Swiss design studio uses parallax scrolling for the presentation of his projects
  • Ben The Bodyguard: This example of Parallax Scrolling leads you into the plot for iOS app
  • Fashion in the browser times presented differently: Manufacturedessai
  • Like the motion parallax can present in the browser is impressive, you can see at iutopi
  • Rickshaw traffic in the browser: Parallax makes it possible
  • Dangerosoffracking shows not only how Parallax scrolling can enhance a website visually, but also points to the dangers of Frackings
ituopi-screenshotAn example of Parallax Scrolling (Source:


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