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This database software it is possible to easily create an unlimited amount of individual databases with one click.

In the age of computer digitally stored information are becoming increasingly important. Whether stored on a cloud solution or on your own hard drive: If you want to allow the child access to large amounts of data, also needs appropriate research opportunities. Databases are indispensable therefore to capture various information and catalog.

Anyone interested in the Datatron Freeware decides as a download can take advantage of a comprehensive program. The German-language software Cyberlab not only offers the option of creating a database, but leaves it to create an arbitrarily large number of such databases and manage. Not only addresses, photos, sound files, music or videos, but also e-mails, hyperlinks or PDF files are managed using the software. When audiovisual data is beyond the possibility that they can be played directly from Datatron out. In the management of e-mails and addresses of the advantage is that simple serial mails and letters can be created. Working with the software is also facilitated to that effect, that the software is as compatible as Word also with popular word processing programs.

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Datatron freeware? many applications and easy to use

Today it is often the rule that a variety of available information stored in various databases from different vendors and then have to be merged. With the Datatron Freeware various formats can be imported, but are also exported. Whether text, dBase, Word or Excel: Many formats are recognized. Because of unlicensed software is not term limited, the data can also be forwarded to third parties, without having to fear that they can use the data in time limited.

The program is equipped with an easy to use interface. In the masks titles can be used according to individual specifications. Saved its own folder and the quick access to the various databases. In addition, a single click is enough to import external data. Searches are in each record, and beyond possible. guarantee personal settings that was displayed as desired and is implemented accordingly? as well as list as a group.

With so many possibilities of the program, it is recommended to first look through the stored samples to get an overview. So it is for example possible to add also photos for address records, so that an association can already be at first glance. Even an event reminder is provided. Moreover, it is possible to use the management of addresses, for example, as a birth calendar. Of course, the printing option is connected to all functions so that you can print from any feature out practically.

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Addresses clearly manage Datatron

Back-ups ensure maximum safety

Another advantage is that you can create with a click back-ups. This is particularly interesting for those users who work with sensitive or rapidly changing data. In this way, it is prevented from being lost in case of technical problems related data. The program itself requires the way only a minimum storage capacity of the computer, depending on how it is equipped with data, then the extent of the amount of data increases.

The program is a comprehensive work with and managing databases is possible. Password protected is a high level of security guaranteed. The ability to import data from a variety of formats, or to export them, makes the software multi-functional and versatile. The advantage of it is, not least, that it can be used permanently and license-free as freeware and can be used extensively in this way just when communicating with third parties. In addition, a log file ensure that any change of a data set is documented on demand and is thus understandable. Practice will indeed show that more professionals use the software. But who manage large amounts of data sets, will make the software good experience and in addition it can still work for free.

Note: Datatron freeware than the manufacturer &# 8220; No Support&# 8221; version being advertised. The software is therefore no longer being developed. To test the features of the program, it certainly makes sense to download the first thing Datatron freeware, however Cyberlab also offers a shareware version of the paid Datatron software. Although this is limited to 50 records, but offers the same support as the full version.

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